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The Rulebook Devilgram.png
The Rulebook
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 3
Mammon Lv. 3
Card: The Rulebook
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Who's respons..."

Lucifer finds that the eclairs he kept in the fridge had disappeared. Beelzebub didn't admit to having eaten them and gets sad because he didn't know of any eclairs. Asmodeus butts in and informs Lucifer that he saw the box of eclairs, but didn't touch them as he limits the sugar intake. It was before dinner when he was checking that Mammon, who was on cooking duty, didn't plan to serve instant noodles to everyone. He reports that he saw the box being placed on the counter and Mammon eating something and looking happy.

"That's nonsense!"

Back in Lucifer's room, Lucifer punishes Mammon for having eaten his eclairs. Mammon tries to reason with him as he didn't know that the eclairs were Lucifer's, but fails - the point is that they weren't his. Lucifer whips Mammon for each eclair (one Lucifer's and one Diavolo's) and for the pastry chef whose pastry ended up getting eaten by someone like Mammon. Mammon points out that the pastry chef wouldn't care and that Lucifer is making it up just to punish him more and that it's against rules.

"There goes the co..."

Lucifer refuses to hear Mammon's complaint as only those who follow rules have the right to complain about rules being broken. As Mammon mentions that the ropes he's tied with are cutting into him, Lucifer threatens to make the ropes tighter and punishes Mammon even more for talking back to him. After the punishment, Mammon promises to pay back for the eclairs, so Lucifer sends him to the human world pastry shop he bought them in with a long list of other types of eclairs he wants. Mammon isn't pleased with that as he ate just two regular eclairs, but Lucifer demands him to compensate him for the "crime." Mammon points out that when Beelzebub ate his custard, Mammon was still blamed for not putting a label with his name onto it, just as Lucifer didn't with the eclairs.

"Mammon! I can't belie..."

Lucifer claims that the rules have changed, as he decided to change them according to the situation. Mammon complains about the situation in their family and Lucifer being full of himself. A flashback happens: Mammon reports to Lucifer that he checked up on their brothers and those who had nightmares due to the fall are now able to rest well and will heal in time, but he's still worried about the twins. He reassures a doubtful Lucifer that he doesn't regret following him, and reminds Lucifer that others rely on him and his strength, so he tells Lucifer to be proud to the point that people consider him full of himself. Back to the present, he hangs Mammon on the chandelier and tells him that it's his own fault that he's so full of himself.

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