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The Yakisoba Bread Devilgram.png
The Yakisoba Bread
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Belphegor Lv. 3
Card: The Yakisoba Bread
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"I want to eat one too."

It's lunchtime and Mammon tells Belphegor that he may not get the yakisoba bread, but he's not going to allow Belphie to have it either. Belphie retaliates by saying he was about to tell Mammon the same thing. MC can ask them about what's happening, or tell them they're both being idiots. Regardless of their choice, Belphie finds a way to insult Mammon and Lucifer steps in to scold them for fighting every day. They defend themselves by saying the Yakisoba bread is not only delicious but also incredibly rare, making it special, but still, Lucifer holds his ground.

"I'm staying out of that one."

Lucifer laments about how Mammon and Belphie race to the RAD store for Yakisoba bread every day, which has led to the student council receiving many complaints about how there may soon be casualties. MC is doubtful but Lucifer explains that the impact of collision might be akin to being hit by a meteorite. Lucifer then tells Mammon and Belphie to come up with a peaceful, amicable way to solve the issue, but the both of them respond with sarcasm and doubt.

"At least they're having fun?"

Mammon complains about how little time he has during his lunch break and how he has to spend some of that time fighting for the yakisoba bread every day, but Belphegor tells MC not to listen to what he's saying because it's stupid. Mammon argues back but Belphie ignores him, telling MC to try some themselves so they'd understand. Mammon then agrees, but objects again when Belphie says he's going to be the one getting the yakisoba bread today and splitting it with MC. They begin arguing about who will share the bread with MC.

"They can't get along, after all."

Mammon and Belphegor continue arguing and Belphie decides to ask MC who they'd prefer to share the yakisoba bread with. MC can then reply with either of them, or to eat the bread themselves. They then realize that this is the time that the yakisoba bread is put out, and quickly rush over to get some, but return empty-handed as the RAD cafeteria didn't get any due to a failed shipment. However, they quickly begin to argue again as even though they'll buy the bread on alternating days, they both want to be the first one to share the bread with MC.

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