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Under the Sea Devilgram.png
Under the Sea
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 5
Card: Under the Sea
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Reading in a hammock."

Levi is humming on the beach while he relaxes in a hammock. He sees MC and strikes up a conversation with them. MC has the option to climb into the hammock with Levi, but they accidentally fall onto Levi. Levi blushes at how close MC's face is to his own. MC can then choose to hug Levi or back up.

"How slack."

Levi and MC fall out of the hammock. Levi asks if MC is ok and then asks if they'd like to do something else, since they fell out of the hammock. He wants to do something less active, but is convinced by MC to do something they can't do unless they're at the beach, and so he suggests going snorkeling.

"The fish look so delicious."

Levi tells MC that he's at home in the water, so MC can rely on him if they're drowning. He quickly ushers MC down into the water and dives in himself before resurfacing and telling MC that it's really pretty underwater and that there are a lot of differently coloured fishes. He's about to talk about the coral reefs when MC agrees with him or asks him to calm down. Regardless, Levi asks MC to do some more diving.

"The Devildom beach isn't..."

Levi tells MC that the sea is beautiful and soothing, and that he didn't expect something involving exercise to be so nice. He considers doing it more often since it's so refreshing before he realises the sun is setting and asks MC if he could hold their hand. He reveals that he actually didn't want to come to the beach since it's for normies, but because of MC, he was able to get out of his comfort zone. He then asks what normies do at times like this, and MC can choose to hug or kiss him. Levi then invites MC to play a VR scuba diving game in his room with him.

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