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A Cup of Red Coffee Devilgram.png
A Cup of Red Coffee
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 6
Mammon Lv. 5
Leviathan Lv. 4
Card: A Cup of Red Coffee
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Mammon's so wrec..."

Lucifer, Mammon, and Leviathan are all in the music room doing their own thing. Mammon tells Lucifer to pour him another cup of red coffee, and the tone with which he said it shocks Levi. Lucifer silently pours Mammon a cup. Levi, conceding that Lucifer is in a good mood, stutters as he also asks for a cup. Lucifer gets annoyed, presumably hits or throws something at Levi, and tells him to pour it himself. Levi complains that he's playing favorites, but Lucifer claims to have one rule: He'll do someone a favor, but only one request is allowed.

"Well, I'm gla..."

Mammon tells Leviathan to stop making grunts while playing his game, since it's ruining his manga. Levi gets annoyed and tells him to read it in his own room, but Mammon refuses and tells Levi to go to his room instead. Lucifer, irritated, tells both of them to shut up, or else he'll cut them up into chess pieces for his board. They all continue minding their own business, until Mammon asks for another cup of coffee. Upon noticing the pot is empty, Mammon backtracks. Levi realizes that Mammon backed down since Lucifer would tell him to make another pot if he didn't. Both then conclude that Lucifer emptied the pot on purpose. Lucifer happily sips his coffee.

"Shall I eat..."

Mammon acknowledges that whoever wants more coffee will have to go make some, and so decides to stay in his place. Leviathan decides the same, since he made the last pot. Mammon observes that Levi is trying to stretch out his coffee so that he and Lucifer run out first. Lucifer abruptly interrupts their thoughts by apologizing for snapping at them, and shares with them ultra-sweet scones he had bought. The other two refuse to fall for his trick, since something that sweet needs coffee to go along with it. After more time, Mammon has had enough and demands that Levi make another pot. Levi gets mad and tells Mammon to do it. Mammon, bragging, says he never made a coffee pot, so Levi gives him instructions. Mammon then comments that Lucifer finished the coffee, so logically, Lucifer should make more. However, Lucifer pretends to be asleep.

"Who will favor be..."

Lucifer asks them if they're determined to be made into chess pieces, to which Leviathan responds that he won't be intimidated anymore. He orders Lucifer to make another pot. Lucifer says he wouldn't mind, although he recalls that a certain two complained about how strong his coffee was. Leviathan pauses and argues that if Lucifer realizes that, he should make it weaker, since he had no problems with Levi's coffee, and due to majority demand. Lucifer admits that it's logical, and suggests they flip a coin. Mammon notices that it's his chance to make Lucifer serve him, while Levi thinks that there's a trick, and chooses Lucifer's side. Lucifer goes with heads, as does Levi, while Mammon goes tails. Lucifer flips the coin, and the end result is heads. Mammon accuses Lucifer of cheating, but Lucifer's aura ends up scaring him. Lucifer then piles on more demands on Mammon.

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