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A Pool Date With You Devilgram.png
A Pool Date With You
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: A Pool Date With You
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Is that really not suspicious?"

MC and Belphegor are at the pool. It's just the two of them because the owner is friends with Asmodeus and opened it specifically for them. MC can be pleased with this or ask if Asmodeus will show up. Belphegor answers that Asmodeus will not show up because he told him that he reserved the pool so he could take a nap. Then Belphegor and MC talk about the pool lights. MC can decide if they like how colorful they are or not. After adjusting the lights (or not), Belphegor declares it's time for them to have some fun.

"I'm jealous! I wanted to go too!"

Belphegor shows MC that he's brought a beach ball for them to play with. MC and Belphegor can play competitively or cooperatively. If they play competitively, the outcome of the game depends on MC's choices. If they play cooperatively, they manage to volley the ball back and forth a hundred times before Belphegor gives up.

"Floaties look nice to lounge in."

Belphegor is tired now, so he decides that he'll rest on one of the floaties while MC goes swimming. He wants to go to sleep, and MC can choose if they want to let this happen or not. If they splash him, he splashes back until he falls into the pool. If MC lets Belphegor sleep, they push him around the pool. The two of them take a selfie together while they do this.

"Ugh, look at all these normies..."

Belphegor tells MC that he had a lot of fun and it was worth keeping it a secret from the others. Just then, he disappears, much to MC's surprise. He sneaks up behind them to prank them. Afterwards, MC can ask for an apology kiss. Belphegor obliges and then asks if MC wants to kiss again but underwater. After they share another kiss, Belphegor reminds MC that they have the place to themselves and no one will come to bother them tonight.

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