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A Sacrifice for Mammon Devilgram.png
A Sacrifice for Mammon
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Card: A Sacrifice for Mammon
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"What a total tsundere."

In an alternate universe similar to the Pop Quiz When Vampires Go Bad, Mammon explains to MC that they've been chosen by witches as a sacrifice for him, the second of the Devildom's seven vampire brothers. They're supposed to be his next meal, but Mammon complains that MC doesn't look tasty, so he's not going to eat them. Beelzebub shows up and considers MC fine enough for his meal, but Mammon doesn't let him eat MC, because MC is his. Beel notices that MC seems to be important to Mammon, but Mammon disagrees, stuttering.

"Wait! Is this ok?"

Mammon lectures MC that it's a big honor to be chosen as a sacrifice for him. He also tells them to be quiet, as food is not to be heard. He still doesn't want to bite them, however, in spite of the fact that he's hungry. Even if MC insists, Mammon still refuses, but doesn't let them go back to the Human World either, as they belong to him now.


Mammon tells MC to come closer. A slips up and tells them that they smell nice and tasty, but he immediately takes it back. MC has a choice to call him annoying, call him a tsundere, or taunt him by asking if they smell good or not. If they taunt him, he repeats that they do, just to take it back immediately and claim that he doesn't want their blood at all. He drifts off during the exchange due to hunger. MC can then either kiss him, or give him their blood.

"Oh yes, you can tell he lik..."

Mammon is surprised by MC's action. MC can then tell him not to run away, or tell him to do to them whatever he wants. This makes him flustered, and he forbids them from saying something like that to anyone else. Mammon starts explaining that it's not a coincidence that MC was specifically chosen, but stops mid-sentence and doesn't finish the thought. He wants them to figure it out on their own. Mammon struggles against the temptation again, but finally gives up his resistance, and admits he was only pretending not to want MC's blood. MC can then ask him to drink from their lips, neck, or wrist.

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