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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"I would have changed with..."

MC meets Leviathan in his room. He tells them that Diavolo has asked him to go to the Human World, but he doesn't feel up to it, so MC must change Diavolo's mind. However, MC has actually come to accompany Leviathan to the Human World. Leviathan is still hesitant, however, because he thinks he will be accosted by extroverts once he's up there. MC questions Leviathan's knowledge of the Human World and he admits that he learned from anime. Leviathan is still protesting about going, so MC suggests that they can go to an anime event while they're there, and Leviathan decides that he is interested in that. Leviathan looks online to see what conventions will be available and decides that they should pick the Our After-School Fishing Club's Days at the Jetty meetup because it means they will also be able to attend the camping party.

"Will we be traveling around..."

In the Human World, Leviathan is pleased with the scenery, and he's happy that he and MC were able to find the lake before it got crowded. He asks MC to take some pictures of him recreating some of the anime's promo art. MC wants to move on and visit the actual venue, but Leviathan is nervous about going where there are so many people. MC encourages Leviathan and he ends up agreeing to go to the venue.

"What a fantastic experi..."

Leviathan and MC make it to the campsite and look around for their tent. Leviathan realizes that their camping grill is already set up even though they were supposed to do it themselves. He spots the organizers are making their way over and decides that he will ask them about it. After his conversation, Leviathan excitedly returns to MC, happy that the organizers were so nice to him. He's also happy that things are more laid-back and there aren't extroverts around to bother them. Leviathan and MC get started to cook their meal and Levi is pleased to notice that they are cooking the same recipes as in the anime.

"You did well."

After he and MC are done eating, Leviathan notices that the group next to them are also done eating. MC suggests a few topics that Leviathan should go talk to them about and so Leviathan goes to chat with them. When he returns, he happily tells MC that the conversation went well and shows them that he received a bag of marshmallows that they can try roasting later. When night falls, Leviathan and MC toast their marshmallows over the fire. Leviathan likes his marshmallow and tells MC about how happy he is that people were so nice and thanks them for bringing him out of his shell. They go back into their tent, but Leviathan tells MC that he can't sleep. In response, MC can choose to hug him or give him a goodnight kiss. Leviathan is surprised that MC is also still awake, but happy to receive the affection.

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