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An Angel's Smile Devilgram.png
An Angel's Smile
Intimacy: Luke Lv. 7
Card: An Angel's Smile
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"That was pretty difficult."

At RAD, Luke and MC are finishing up their assignments. Luke tells MC that because he's been so busy with schoolwork lately, he's not been smiling as much which makes him feel bad too. Since he and MC are both tired, Luke thinks it's a good idea for them to go on an outing and have a good laugh.

"I also wanna join!"

Out on the town, Luke comments that he's already feeling better and asks MC what they should do first. Ultimately, they end up going shopping but if MC picks, they can go to a sweets shop or a variety store. If they go to a sweets shop, Luke excitedly tells MC that he knows of a place that allows them to stuff as much candy as they want into a bag. At the store, Luke has trouble fitting all his sweets into his bag but eventually manages it. If they go to a variety store, they end up buying matching devil sheep pens. If MC lets Luke pick, then they go grocery shopping for baking ingredients and tools. Luke shows MC that he's picked out a piping tip that will help him make rose petal shapes and he also looks through the cookie cutters.

"Oh, he did even better."

After they are done shopping, Luke is hungry so he tells MC that they should go get some cakes at a café. Luke orders a darkness of devils cake and MC orders a white ghost cake. MC is impressed that Luke analyzes his cake so thoroughly and Luke explains that he has learned to do that so he can recreate the desserts he eats at home. They share the cakes with each other and Luke notes MC's preferences so he can bake them something that they'd really like.

"I also wanna see that picture."

Luke and [MC]] end up taking a walk through the park and Luke says that they should take a photo to celebrate the occasion. MC can agree to this or not, but soon after Luke hears music playing in the distance. As it turns out, there is a singing event and it looks like anyone can participate. Luke decides to perform, with or without MC, but when the performance is over, Luke notices that the crowd has dissipated. It's getting somewhat late so Luke and MC can decide whether or not they want to stay out a bit longer or not. Either way, Luke tells MC how happy he is that they're friends.

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