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Anything for You Devilgram.png
Anything for You
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 7
Card: Anything for You
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"This will be interesting!"

In Asmodeus's room, he tells MC that he prepared something that would work wonders for their complexion, as he noticed that they haven't been getting enough sleep recently. Leviathan then barges into his room without knocking, which annoys Asmo. Levi tells MC to come with him to play a Hell Game to lure Mammon out. Mammon took Levi's airsoft gun, and he needs to win it back. Asmo thinks it's terrible that Levi wants to use MC as bait, and points out that MC is busy spending time with him. Levi taunts him to team up with Mammon and Beelzebub. Asmo doesn't want to, but then Mammon also storms into his room and starts shooting wildly. Asmo takes MC with him as he flees from his room.

"I'll take care of Belphie."

Asmodeus and MC are having a breather in the entrance hall after running away from Mammon and Leviathan. There they meet Belphegor who tells them about how he got dragged into the game just when he was having a nice nap. Asmo then shoots him, only then telling him they're on opposing teams. He doesn't want to shoot MC though, even if this would end the game so they can go back to what they were doing before. Levi and Mammon show up, both aiming at Asmo for taking MC with him. Asmo makes a decision, and drags MC and Mammon with him somewhere else.

"They're hopeless."

In the planetarium, Asmodeus explains his new strategy to Mammon. He, MC, and Mammon are going to take on Leviathan together so that Mammon can keep the airsoft gun. MC agrees with Asmo, and either persuades Mammon or threatens him with their airsoft gun, so Mammon has no choice but to agree as well. Levi then finds the three of them, and says he hoped that Asmo and Mammon would have taken out each other so he would win. However, it doesn't matter, as he has a paintball machine gun. Asmo decides to switch to Levi's team, since he has better chances. MC can choose to follow or not, but they end up on Asmo's team anyway. The machine gun takes out Mammon. After that, Levi tells MC to take out Asmo as well.

"I could bring a blanket..."

MC chooses to either refuse right away, or to hesitate, so Asmodeus takes their gun and shoots Leviathan. Asmo takes MC back to his room, while both Mammon and Levi are unable to continue the battle. He complains about how sweaty and exhausting the game was, then suggests he and MC take a bath together. MC can then close their eyes for a kiss, but Mammon storms in, angry because of the betrayal. He plans on shooting Asmo and taking MC back with him, but Asmo hides MC behind him. Levi then also comes in the room, so Asmo uses him as a shield, then shoots Mammon. Feeling tired, Asmo invites MC to cuddle with him. Levi and Mammon have been stunned by the paint, and now have to watch MC falling asleep snuggled up to Asmo.

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