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Asmo Shoots a Music Video Devilgram.png
Asmo Shoots a Music Video
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: Asmo Shoots a Music Video
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Why this theme?"

Asmodeus apologises to MC for calling them on a short notice to his room; however, he needs some help as he's going to be shooting a music video for his new song. After trying out death metal, Asmo comes to the conclusion it's not his thing so he wants to try visual kei. He's been listening to the genre for a while and finds it more fitting for someone like him. The video is going to be circus-themed.

"Levi the merchant?"

MC arrives to the studio where Asmodeus is starting the shooting soon. He explains that everything's going exactly as he envisioned it and that the first scene will feature him as a marionette - he wants though that MC takes up the role of the puppeteer. Leviathan enters the studio - since he knows his way around filming equipment, Asmo asked him to be a cameraman. As everyone's ready, they start with dress rehearsal.

"I'm terribly excited."

Leviathan informs them that they'll start filming with Asmodeus's scene, then move to MC's scene - he'll put them together afterwards. Asmo performs his scene with top notch acting and when they look at the footage together, MC chooses to either be creeped off by how doll-like he seemed or in awe with his beauty. Next is MC's scene.

"Asmo and his beauty."

MC starts by deciding how to act - clownish or seductive. Depending on the choice, Asmodeus is either satisfied with MC's seductive performance; or displeased with the clownish act since he expected something more alluring, so MC has to redo the scene 10 times in the end. Once the scene is done, they take a short break before moving to the final scene where Asmo is singing on a swing attached to the ceiling in front of a green screen. Leviathan explains that he'll add special effects later. As they start shooting, Asmo sings his song and after he finishes, the shooting is done, and all that's left is editing. Later, Asmo and MC watch the finished video in his room. He's impressed by his own looks and MC praises either him or the video. If they praise him, he kisses them.

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