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Asmodeus's New Hobby is the fifth solo audio drama that was released alongside Asmodeus's character song Pomade on December 25th, 2020.


English Translation[edit]

Leviathan: This part goes here, and...

Leviathan: All right, it's all done!

Asmodeus: Wow! That's amazing!

Leviathan: Wha? Asmo? It is, isn't it? It's an “Exploding Robo Bombalion” model kit. Not only that, it's the exclusive full metal version.

Asmodeus: It's so pretty! It's...too pretty.

Leviathan: Yeah, well...

Asmodeus: I think I'm in love!

Leviathan: Heheh... Y-You like it that much?

Asmodeus: “Metal Build: Exploding Robo Bombalion”...

Asmodeus: ...reflects my face perfectly!

Leviathan: Wait, what?! Not the model?!

Asmodeus: Even when reflected in a weird toy like this, I'm still as beautiful as ever.

Leviathan: “Weird toy”?!

Asmodeus: Sorry, Levi. Please, continue... Finish your weird toy.

Leviathan: It's not a “weird toy”! Okay, so the legs goes...

Asmodeus: Those legs...

Leviathan: They're quite something.

Asmodeus: ...reflect me so beautifully!

Leviathan: Yup, knew it.

Asmodeus: I wanna see what I look like in the back of its legs!

Leviathan: Hey, careful when you move it!

Asmodeus: Wow! I look fantastic in the back of its legs too!

Leviathan: Huh?!

Asmodeus: Come on, get more legs on there! Quick!

Leviathan: Yeah, this is a bipedal robot, so there are only two legs...

Asmodeus: B-But, I look so good in its legs! I'll order some more legs, so put let's make this an eight, nine legged robot!

Leviathan: Ew! That's way too many legs!

Asmodeus: You could replace the head with a leg!

Leviathan: No! I don't want a robot with a leg growing out of its torso!

Asmodeus: And make the torso a leg too. Then make the arms legs. And then add legs to the legs!

Leviathan: What would be the point of that?!

Asmodeus: Have its right leg hand hold a leg rifle...

Asmodeus: ...its left leg hand hold a leg shield...

Asmodeus: ...and its leg back hold a leg sabre!

Leviathan: Stop... It'll be all legs at that point.We'll have to call it “Silver Leg Cluster”!

Asmodeus: Okay, well, at least give it more back leg pieces.

Leviathan: What does that even mean...?

Asmodeus: Y'know, put loads of back leg pieces all over its body.

Leviathan: No! I don't want a robot covered in back leg pieces! If you're gonna be like this, then leave me alone!

Asmodeus: Oh, I'm truly sorry for making you mess up, Levi. I'll leave you alone...

Asmodeus: But can I have the back leg pieces first?

Leviathan: No, you cannot! If you wanna look at yourself that badly, why not find a mirror?

Asmodeus: I'm sick of looking at my always beautiful self in the mirror. It's just routine at this point.

Leviathan: It's kind of impressive you can say that with a straight face. I'm a little jealous.

Asmodeus: So that's why I wanted to see, and experience, if I'd be as beautiful as ever in a weird thing like this!

Leviathan: Stop calling it weird! If you wanna see yourself in something weird, go to a sumo tournament and find a puddle of sweat
to stare into!

Asmodeus: What?

Leviathan: W-Well, it might've been a bit of a weird example...

Asmodeus: Nice idea! Be right back!

Leviathan: No way are you actually going?!

Asmodeus: Thanks, Levi! Bye-bye!

Leviathan: Wow, his narcissism is truly in another dimension.

Asmodeus: Leviiii!

Leviathan: Wha! He's back!

Asmodeus: I wanted to look at myself on the way...

Asmodeus: is it all right if I take the back leg pieces after all?

Leviathan: Noooo!

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