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Battle for the Bread! Devilgram.png
Battle for the Bread!
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Solomon Lv. 5
Card: Battle for the Bread!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"So there will be competiti..."

Solomon and MC are in a bakery buying bread for breakfast, but as they are about to check out, they see Thirteen and Asmodeus having an argument. Solomon approaches them and Asmodeus asks if he is also buying phantom bread. Asmodeus claims that the last bread is his, to which Thirteen immediately protests. The phantom bread they are fighting over is a special kind of brioche, and is rarely on sale. Asmodeus has never missed a shipment before, so he refuses to go home empty-handed, but as Thirteen has never tried the bread before, she insists that she should get the last piece. Solomon suggests that they settle things with a fair fight.

"I can't believe it."

Solomon buys the remaining bun of phantom bread and brings Thirteen and Asmodeus to the market for their competition. He tells them that they have ten minutes to go shopping without checking the prices and whoever's total comes closest to 2,000 Grimm wins. As the contest begins, MC can choose which of the three they want to talk to. Solomon tells MC that while Asmodeus is more familiar with Devildom pricing, he might not know the market rates. Asmodeus decides to take the opportunity to buy some staple foods. Thirteen tells MC to hold things for her as she tries to guess what price the items might be. As the competition concludes, Solomon determines that it was a tie because Asmodeus and Thirteen were both off by the same amount. This means they must compete again and Asmodeus announces that he has an idea for round two.

"Asmo was a bit too honest."

Asmodeus brings the group to a karaoke room. Solomon and MC will judge Asmodeus's and Thirteen's performances to decide who gives the most captivating performance. Asmodeus performs first, and MC can either comment on his performance or talk to Solomon and Thirteen. If MC asks Solomon to sing, he agrees to perform after Asmodeus. Thirteen performs next, but the group quickly realizes that she is not at all a talented singer.

"Because peace is bliss."

The group walks through town as Asmodeus and Thirteen complain about the contest yet again ending in a tie. As they wonder what the next competition should be, Asmodeus notices that the latest street vision is a human world dog. Thirteen says that little dogs are best, but Asmodeus disagrees. Thirteen then decides that their next competition will be a debate to convince Solomon and MC if big dogs or little dogs are better. In the end, Solomon decides that he likes cats best, which disappoints Thirteen and Asmodeus. Thirteen remarks that her lipstick is ruined from talking so much, and Asmodeus notices that she's wearing one of the newest palettes. They happily talk about which products they like and end up agreeing that they can share the phantom bread. Solomon reveals that the bread is already cut in half and Thirteen realizes that they had been tricked.

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