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Battle of the Dancers Devilgram.png
Battle of the Dancers
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Belphegor Lv. 3
Card: Battle of the Dancers
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"That does look very profession..."

After dinner, Mammon yells that party is just getting started and that it's time to do some dancing. Beel has finished eating and would like to do some dancing as well. Levi is not sure if he can join because he only knows otaku moves, but Mammon tells him not to worry about that. Then Asmo shows up telling everyone to make room for the real dancer, because he is amazing. Belphie agrees that Asmo is a good dancer, but still calls him a bragger. Mammon sees Asmo's claims as a challenge and they start an impromptu dance battle.

"Good job!"

MC and Belphie watch Asmo dance, both agreeing that he is a good dancer. Then Asmo invites Belphie to come dance too, which Belphie is not thrilled about, but still goes with Asmo so as to humor him. To everyone's surprise, Belphie turns out to be an excellent dancer himself, even keeping up with all Asmo's improvised moves. Soon, Belphie has enough of it and returns to MC's side, where MC compliments him on his dancing skills.

"Belphie is so cool."

Then Asmo shyly asks MC to dance. He teaches MC to dance. At a certain point, the music changes to a slow song, which makes Asmo happy. He suggests dancing close together and depending on MC's choice, they can hold hands together, or dance with their arms around each other. Then Belphie steps into the scene again, interrupting Asmo's advances.

"I'm going to dance too."

Asmo is surprised that Belphie wants to dance again, but Belphie says that it's because he wants to dance with MC too. To decide who gets to dance with MC, they challenge each other to a dance battle, pulling MC this way and that. They eventually leave it up to MC to decide who won by taking either Asmo's or Belphie's hand. However, they continue challenging each other, inspiring the other brothers to start dancing as well. At certain point, Asmo and Belphie both declare they love MC. Depending on MC's choice, it's either because they truly love MC, or because it's part of their challenge. In the end, Asmo and Belphie both ask MC to promise to stay with them forever.

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