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Beel's Morning
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 4
Card: Beel's Morning
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"So he eats in his..."

Beelzebub is happily eating away, but then wakes up and is disappointed to find out it was just a dream. Despite being hungry, he goes to shower in the bathroom. As he dries his hair, Beelzebub notices a pastry on the counter and eats it, only afterwards realizing that it was soap. He then begins fantasizing about the day's breakfast, trying to recall what he had in his dream. Beelzebub remembers it was pancakes topped with yogurt cheese sauce and becomes hungry again, quickly brushing his teeth so that he can have breakfast.

"Who's in charge of m..."

Beelzebub goes to the kitchen and finds no one, and no breakfast. He opens the fridge to check for food but is shocked that it is empty. Satan appears and reveals he had went out to get groceries, believing that it was Beelzebub who had cleared out the fridge. Satan had already made everything in advance the previous day, but didn't realize that Beelzebub might have eaten it all in the night. Beelzebub denies doing that, stating that he only dreamed of eating a lot of food. Satan remains skeptical and Beelzebub begins to doubt himself.

"Barbatos's pan..."

Beelzebub suggests calling Hell's Kitchen for delivery food, but Satan reminds him that they're not open yet. Satan offers to cook for Beelzebub, but that makes Beelzebub feel guilty. Satan reassures Beelzebub that it's okay, and Beelzebub takes this opportunity to request Satan to make the pancakes he had dreamed of earlier. Unfortunately, Satan had not picked up the ingredients for that, disappointing Beelzebub. However, Satan began listing many other ingredients which Beelzebub thought were "pretty good," and so he began to eat those instead.

"And he's holdin'..."

Satan is about to begin cooking and limits Beelzebub to eating just one orange. Beelzebub is displeased and asks when breakfast will be ready. Satan suggests Beelzebub help him to speed up the process so Beelzebub agrees to help. Satan guides Beelzebub through the process and they make toasted sandwiches, soup, and salad. Beelzebub is amazed at how good the food looks, and Satan informs him that it's because of the effort he put into it. Beelzebub is hesitant to eat it as it looks so good, and Satan goes to grab his D.D.D. to take a picture, asking Beelzebub to get drinks for everyone. Beelzebub takes out coffee, milk, and Asmodeus's detox water, and contemplates what to eat first. He gives in to temptation and devours the food before Satan could get back, causing Satan to take a picture of him instead.

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