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Beel the Knight
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: Beel the Knight
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"What's No. 2 doin'?"

MC meets Beelzebub and Little D. No. 2 in the twins' room, who leaves after thanking Beelzebub for his help. Beelzebub tells MC that he's been asked to audition for a role in the new drama series "The Tarot Games." MC can either ask if this will be for a TV show, or just say it's amazing. Either way, Beelzebub replies he tried to turn down the request, but the lesser demon insisted. The role is called the Silver Knight, who like Beelzebub is a big eater. Apparently there also are a bunch of eating scenes in the show. MC can either state that Beelzebub is only in for the food, or that it looks like he will have to do his best. Beelzebub either replies that he hopes the food is good, or that he is not too confident in his acting skills. He then asks MC to help take some good photos of him for the first step of the audition process.

"The specifics are important!"

Beelzebub and MC take a few test photos in the twins' room. If MC likes his smiling, Beelzebub replies that he is always happy getting a compliment from MC. If MC asks for a bigger smile, he tries hard until his face gets tired. He then decides they took enough test photos. He has to send in two photos that match the role, and since the character is a knight, he thinks they need a horse. If MC asks if a horse is really necessary, he'll insist, because everyone knows that knights ride horses. If MC agrees a horse is a must-have, Beelzebub comments that they definitely need one for a good knight picture.

"I want to ride the pony too!"

Beelzebub and MC visit a nearby ranch Beelzebub made a reservation for. He asks MC which horse they think would work best, when a chestnut horse approaches. Beelzebub asks the horse if he can ride him, then climbs onto it. If MC is excited that he has made friends with him already, Beelzebub replies that the horse was the one who approached him, and praises it. If MC says they thought this would be harder, Beelzebub agrees, and that he is glad this horse found them. He then holds a banner, and asks MC if he looks like a real knight. MC can either reply that it is just like the real thing, or reply that it is still lacking something. If the latter, this will remind Beelzebub that Leviathan lent him a sword. After taking the photo, they head back to the twins' room.

"Ensure their safety with all your m..."

Back home, Beelzebub wants a second photo with a tarot card showing a picture of an inverted knight, so he asks MC to float him upside down with magic. MC can reply that it is easy, or ask if it really would be necessary. Beelzebub either thanks MC and expresses his faith in their abilities, or insists because he heard of a popular scene where the knight in the play uses the card. Then both are either happy with the photo, or MC says they could have done it later with editing, to which Beelzebub replies that he had fun doing it this way. Beelzebub then realizes how busy he would be with filming. Not wanting to spend so much time away from MC, he decides to give up on the role. MC can then either ask for a kiss, or question his decision. Either way, he then confesses MC's importance to him.

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