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Magic is present in all three worlds in both the Obey Me! and Nightbringer games, though presumably it is less prevalent and more hidden in the Human World. Magic can be used for casting spells, creating potions, or enchanting magic items.

It is possible to share one's magic or one's magic powers with another person. Solomon cast a spell on MC in Lesson 8-8 (OM) that temporarily allowed MC use his magic powers. In Lesson 70-19 (OM), Lucifer shared some of his magic with MC to help counterbalance their expending so much of their own magic earlier.

According to Solomon in the Pop Quiz Happy ☆ Holidays!, magic has "affinities." If the magic of one being were absorbed by the magic of another being whose innate magic was not compatible, it could have negative side effects, such as causing the effected being to go on a rampage.

As mentioned in the Devilgram The Ghost Ship, delicate things cannot be fixed with magic.


In Lesson 24-2 (NB), Lucifer explained that how one casts a spell varies depending on an individual's magical ability. "Those who lack the required skill" will find it necessary to recite an incantation to cast a spell. As Satan explained in Lesson 29-12 (OM), when using an incantation, an individual must say the incantation clearly and with confidence to maintain control.

In the same lesson, it was also shown that merely speaking an incantation doesn't do anything if the speaker does not intend to cast a spell. However, this might depend on one's control over their powers, as Leviathan has claimed that he's summoned Lotan accidentally on multiple occasions, such as in the chats The Dream and Lotan's Return.

Individuals with a high enough skill level are capable of spellcasting without an incantation. It is also possible to take a spell's standard incantation and shorten it, as Solomon commented MC was capable enough to do in Lesson 66-4 (OM). Shortening an incantation is purposeful, since as evidenced by Lesson 36-16 (OM), a spellcaster can't just stop in the middle of an incantation arbitrarily.

Another factor in spellcasting is the use of magic circles. Again as Lucifer explained in Lesson 24-2 (NB), magic circles can be physically drawn on the floor or on paper, but they can also be "created" by accurately picturing the circle in one's mind. As seen in Lesson 35-8 (OM), magic circles are drawn when doing teleportation spells. Solomon mentioned that the circle necessary to teleport to the Reaper's Cave is more complex than others. In the Birthday Event Happy Birthday! Dear Simeon '22, it was shown that Belphegor drew a magic circle to transport people into a dream.

If the target of a spell is powerful enough, it is also possible for spells like curses to be reflected back on the original castor, potentially at an even greater intensity.

Known Incantations[edit]

A - K[edit]

Angelic Blessing (usable only by angels)

"In the name of the angel Luke, may the blessing of light burn brightly within you, and keep the darkness at bay."

Lesson 50-15 (OM)

Binding Spell

"May our hands be drawn together and bound together, by a force none can resist and none can escape..."

"May our bodies be drawn together and bound together, by a force none can resist and none can escape..."

"May we be drawn together and bound together, by a force none can resist and none can escape..."

Lesson 30-13 (OM)

Command a Wind Spirit

"Spirit of wind, I command you! Arise, pierce the darkness, and bring that tiny demon to me!"(source?)

"...Spirit of wind, the magician Solomon commands thee! Shield the ears of those who stand before me! Rid them of their lust for water, and silence the siren's voice!"

Lesson 35-2 (OM)

Create a Box of Truth

"Arca veratis! Detain those who are false of heart!"

Devilgram Solomon's Box

Create Breeze

"Spirit of wind, awaken!"

Lesson 3-6 (NB)

Create Fire

"Spirit of fire, send forth your flames!"

Lesson 3-6 (NB)

Create Rain

"Spirit of water, rain down upon these demons!"

Lesson 3-6 (NB)

Healing Spell

"May the vestiges of the curse that linger within the person before me be eliminated. I am the one they call Satan... Hear my command!"

"May the vestiges of pain that linger within the demon before me be eliminated. I am the one they call MC... Hear my command!"

Lessons 29-12 and 29-13 (OM)

L - Z[edit]

Silence Target

"Spirit of earth, cover the mouth of the one who lies before me, and silence his cries forever..."

Lesson 37-1 (OM)

Stimulating Desire

"Forces of calamity, disaster, and misfortune! Rain down upon the one who stands before me.... Bidibriupyon fath parthu..."

Lesson 29-12 (OM)

Summon a Demon (with a pact)

"Hear me, denizens of the darkness, you who are born of shadow and you who give birth to it. Hear me and do as I command! I, Solomon, call upon you to send forth one of your number! I summon the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus!"

Lessons 7-14 and 8-13 (OM)

Summon Lotan

"In the name of Leviathan, Avatar of envy and master of water itself, I command you! Come forth, Lotan!"

Birthday Event Happy Birthday! Dear Beel and Belphie '22

Summon a Star Shower

"In the name of MC, I summon thee, shower of stars..."

Birthday Event Happy Birthday! Dear Beel and Belphie

Summon the White Wolf of Frost Flowers

"Heed my voice among the parade of ice flowers, and answer our summoning! Come forth, white wolf of frost flowers!"

Pop Quiz Absolute Zero

Teleportation Spell

"I am the magician Solomon... Heed my words! Open the way forward, and create a path where there was none! Show us the way to the reaper's cave!"

Lesson 35-9 (OM

Travel through Spacetime

"By the will of the sorcerer Solomon, lead us back to the time and space from whence we came."

Lesson 40-14 (NB)

Undoing a Curse

"May this vile curse return to the one who conjured it. Turn back the hands of time and unwind the wrongdoing that triggered it. I am the magician Solomon... Hear my command! Let none oppose it and none escape it!"

Lesson 36-16 (OM)

Types of Magic[edit]


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Blessings are the forte of angels.


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Curses are the forte of demons. As Satan mentioned in Lesson 29-12 (OM), performing a curse takes a toll on one's body, and might result in that person feeling dizzy.


Divination is a means of fortunetelling that uses various methods. One such method is tasseomancy, as mentioned by Barbatos in a phone call titled such. He explained that the technique involves interpreting "magical creature-shaped patterns" in tea leaves left at the bottom of the cup. There are special teacups made for this type of divination, as he told MC that he'd found some when cleaning that once belonged to a famous Devildom fortune-teller.

Another divination method uses cards and aromatic oils to read someone's fortune. It is likely similar to reading Tarot cards. The person who is having their fortune read places their hand atop the pile of cards, closes their eyes, and focuses on the cards. Then the cards are laid on the table in order, "as the magic rite dictates," according to Satan in Lesson 31-8 (NB).

What the cards mean is up to interpretation, which is why it's possible that divination is not considered a credible practice by some. Belphegor commented in Lesson 31-8 (NB). that "you can't expect it to work." However, he and his brothers had found it curious that in divination class at RAD they all were given the same fortune reading, which seemed to come true later in Lesson 31.

When trying to divine the future, Satan also mentioned in Lesson 31-8 (NB) that botanical oils work best. This implies divination is not always used to foretell the reader's future.

Classes on divination are taught at RAD, as mentioned in Lesson 31-6 (NB).


Summoning magic is performed when a magic user wishes to relocate a person, creature, or being to the summoner's location. In the case of demons, this can be done either by performing a ceremony - as mentioned by Solomon in Lesson 39-13 (OM) - or by a human with a pact speaking an incantation.

As mentioned by Solomon in the Pop Quiz Absolute Zero, it is customary for the sorcerer to speak with the being that was summoned, as opposed to others speaking on a sorcerer's behalf.

Magic Items[edit]

A - F[edit]

G - Q[edit]

R - Z[edit]

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