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Before the Big Day Devilgram.png
Before the Big Day
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Card: Before the Big Day
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"The wedding's tomorrow?!"

MC unexpectedly wakes up in Lucifer's bed. Wondering if they suffered a nightmare, he offers them a glass of water to calm them down. Concerned by MC's confused state, Lucifer reminds them that they're sleeping together now that they're engaged and to be wed the next day. He holds MC close in comfort and reassures them that he'll always be there to quell their worries.

"Lucifer?! Cooking?!"

Lucifer prepares a breakfast of fruit pancakes for MC while they rest longer. To think that Lucifer of all people would cook for someone... MC wonders if they're dreaming. Lucifer reacts quite cutely should the player ask him to feed them, flushing in embarrassment, but begrudgingly complying. Lucifer remarks that MC is being weird (or that they have a lot of nerve, if they say his food is just "okay") and ushers them to hurry as they're busy with dress rehearsal and finalizing the details before their official wedding. Since they have nothing scheduled for the evening, Lucifer suggests throwing a bachelor/ette party, but MC would rather spend it alone with him.

"How exciting!"

At the Demon Lord's Castle, Little D. No. 2 is tasked with planning and the schedule. Lucifer thinks the positioning of the white and blue bouquets next to MC's and his seats, respectively, should be swapped in order to tie the look together. Should MC adamantly insist that they're fine as is, No. 2 warns the newlyweds not to fight. While No. 2 frantically tends to other matters, Lucifer takes another look over the room, feeling thoroughly pleased, and asks how the MC feels now that the big day is finally upon them. Lucifer himself is thrilled, and he looks forward to tomorrow; his dream of making the MC happy is finally coming true,

"Leave the speech to me."

Asmodeus and Mammon, both envious but congratulatory, finish prepping MC and lead them down the aisle. In his vow, Lucifer speaks of how his infatuation has blossomed into true devotion, so much that he cannot imagine life without them by his side and he swears his love to the MC. If the player doesn't hesitate, the couple kiss, everyone cheers...and then the MC again awakes in Lucifer's room. He's filled with curiosity to hear that they dreamt of a wedding, and there are a few ways this scene can conclude. MC may dash out of the room in embarrassment, and Lucifer will either smirk to himself, or chase after them demanding to hear the details. If they instead admit that they dreamed of marrying him and kiss him again, he promises to one day make their dream a reality.

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