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This page lists all chats in Obey Me! sent to MC by Belphegor. For phone calls from Belphegor, see Belphegor's Calls.

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
My First Message Lesson 16-19
Are You Having Fun at RAD? Lesson 17-7
Belphie Can't Sleep Lesson 17-10
Good Morning, Sunshine Lesson 17-12
A Peculiar Set of Twins 2 Lesson 17-14
Who Do You Get Along With? Lesson 17-17
Nothing to Do Lesson 18-1
So... Sleepy... Lesson 18-4
Lucifer's Plans Lesson 18-6
Manga Lesson 18-12
Room Fragrances Lesson 18-15
Don't Make Me Lesson 18-17
For Beel Lesson 18-19
The Request Lesson 60-5
An SOS From Raphael Lesson 79-14
Invitation to a Candy-Making Mecca Poison Hunting & Candy Making! 2-2

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Not My Problem Day 39
Nice Day 76
A Grimm for Your Thoughts? 3 Day 126
What Really Happened Day 133
Recording Day 154
Nightmare Day 161
Belphie's Best Qualities Day 179
An Invite to Go Stargazing Day 192
The Spoiled Younger Brother Day 198
Tonight's Body Pillow Day 209
Belphie's Words of Love Day 223
For a Comfortable Afternoon Nap Day 227
Save Me From Party People Day 233
Proud of My Brother Day 234
Fighting off Sleepiness Day 253
Belphie's Bed HairCG 1 Day 269
Belphie Reflects Day 286
Belphie's Pain Day 293
So Touching Day 311
The Moment Before Collapse 2 Day 314
The Devildom Clover Day 322
Star Shower 2 Day 332
A True Horror Story? 2 Day 350
Be Careful of Bedheads Day 359
About the Starry Sky Day 365
Dessert with the Twins 1 Day 374
Something Interesting Day 385
Belphie and the Tatami Mat Day 395
Appetite Day 426
Not Enough Day 456
Movie Night Day 478
Can't Have Too Many Pillows Day 491
Pillow Paradise Day 494
Preventative Measures Day 501
I Can't Sleep Day 508
Belphie's Woes Day 514
It's Sleepy Time Day 523
Lost Day 534
Aren't You Proud of Me? Day 549
ABC Word Chain 6 Day 569
The Reason I Overslept Day 588
The Perfect Gift? 2 Day 593
Missing Cake Day 612
Snoozing to Success? Day 633
Meddlesome Demon Day 640
Food Grudge 3 Day 659
Farming in the Devildom 3 Day 664
Biology Homework Day 672
Solomon's Visit 2CG 1 Day 676
If You Were the Demon Lord? (Belphie Edition) Day 690
The Great Cake Battle 4 Day 714
The RAD Cleanup Plan 4 Day 721
Broomstick Sale Day 741
Who's Faster? 2CG 1 Day 746
Points for Aesthetics? Day 754
What Music Means Day 781
My Neck Hurts Day 799
The Reason for Waking up Early Day 819
A Charm for Sweet Dreams Day 829
Apprenticeship? 1 Day 832
Karaoke Day 841
The Sketchbook 2 Day 855
I Can't Miss It! Day 856
The Telescope Day 860
The Supermarket Raffle Day 870
Comedy Act Day 883
A New Product Day 884
Satan's Whereabouts Day 886
Tough Decisions Day 898
A Contest of Tricks Day 907
Rats! Day 927
Green Tea Day 940
Mr. Duck Day 944
Terrible Treatment Day 945
An Invitation from Levi Day 950
Monthly Bulletin Day 957
Under the Same Sky Day 965
Who Is It? 7 Day 1,013
Who Is It? 14 Day 1,016
Help Wanted: The AftermathCG 1 Day 1,036
The Ghost Train of My Dreams 2 Day 1,077
The Ghost Train of My Dreams 3 Day 1,078
Thriving on Praise Day 1,083
Growing Paellas 2 Day 1,104
Irresistible to All 3 Day 1,108
Hide Me! 1 Day 1,139
Hide Me! 2 Day 1,142
A Careless Older Brother Day 1,144
What Happened in My Sleep? 1 Day 1,179
Does the Cat Survive in This? Day 1,195
Twin Telepathy Day 1,201
An Embarrassing Mistake Day 1,206
Looks DeliciousCG 1 Day 1,214

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Promise Me Hide and Seek
Sleepless Nights In Search of a Smile
Nothing in Particular Hatred
I Forgot Something Seven Rulers of Hell (Belphegor)
Just Between Us Dreamy Twins
Thank You Shelter From the Rain
Let's Do This Again Next Year! Our Summer Festival
I'll Stay by Your Side Beware of the Zombie
Belphie the Worrier? You Make Me Dizzy
Who Missed Out? Make a Blueberry Pie!
Next Up: Your Fashion Show Belphie's Fashion Show
Another Present! I Present to You...Me
What Have I Been Doing? Not Taking It Off
Speaking Without Words Chocolate for You
My Turn to Be Sick Let Me Take Care of You
Don't Make Promises While Half Asleep Belphie Goes to C.S.!
Special Treatment Let's Play Dolls!
I Want to Sleep in Your Room The Night Before
Your Sleeping Face Sleeping Beauties
As Long as I'm With You You're the Next Host!
The Craze Continues Long Hu Love
Belphie's Souvenir Our Own Little World
I Won't Lose Next Time Crack a Smile, Belphie!
Finding My Specialty Pirate's Life for Me!
A 500-Year Nap To Dreamland
The Voices in My Head A Chill Furry Movie Date
What's Your Wish? Make a Wish!
A Mature Belphie A Pool Date With You
A Blast from the Past Skull Swap
Sharing Secrets Secret Dream Study Sesh
Belphie the Strategist A Lazy New Year's
Expected and Unexpected Rainy Day Pair
I'll Take You There The Phantom's Return
Life with the Wolf How to Tame a Beast
Real Swords & Riddling Books Belphie in Boots
An Act of Consideration Beachfront Taste Testing
Top-Secret Footage A Sight to Remember
Belphie the Snake Charmer Our Quiet Place
No Time to Relax The Ghostly Gift of Music
Sound of the Candy The Sparkling Plains
Constellation Book of Memories Wish upon a Book of Stars
A Job Well Done A Party for Everyone
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