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Chronicles of an Otaku
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 5
Card: Chronicles of an Otaku
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Is that a healthy obsession?"

Leviathan is sneaking around outside of Lucifer's room when MC either scares him or asks what he's doing. Belphegor sees that too and asks him about it, but Levi only tells him it's "the most epic mission of the century." Over the next month, Levi continues sliding flyers under Lucifer's bedroom door until finally, Lucifer is unable to take it any longer and allows Levi to attend the original art exhibition for The Magical Ruri Hana: Demon Girl in the human world, but gives the condition that MC must follow him as a chaperone.

"Does it actually taste good?"

Leviathan and MC are waiting in line outside the exhibition. They have been waiting for a long time and Levi asks MC if they're tired. He gives them Ruri-chan's Special Milk Tea and Azuki-tan sweets to eat, and begins theorizing about yesterday's episode of Ruri-chan when MC notifies him that they've reached the front of the line. People then begin pushing from behind the line, and Levi calls out for MC, concerned that they'll get separated.

"I'm almost like a real normie!"

Leviathan and MC enter the exhibition hall, and Levi is relieved that he didn't lose MC. MC then suggests either holding hands, linking arms, or holding onto Levi's clothes to avoid getting separated. They then head into the actual exhibition. MC comments on one of the exhibits on display, and Levi elaborates on it excitedly. MC can either say they enjoyed it, or tell Levi that they're selling merch, to which Levi responds by saying it's time for their "final battle."

"You better not lose it."

Leviathan states that you can't attend an event like this without getting merch, and that the best merch is limited-edition. The best way to get that then is to go after the rare items first. Levi tells MC that he wants to get a super rare concept art reproduction of Ruri-chan and Dark Ruri facing each other in the mirror that was never released in stores, and he's already set up a space and bought a frame for it already. Finally, he gets it, and they leave the exhibition. Levi's excited to get home to frame the merch, but asks MC out on a date beforehand. If MC agrees to the date, they go somewhere nearby to watch the sunset.

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