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Ruri-chan is a demon and the main protagonist of an anime called "The Magical Ruri Hana: Demon Girl", which is one of Leviathan's favorite anime.(source?)

Ruri-chan moved to the Human World in order to learn more about it, but when in the Human World, she loses some of her magical powers and turns into a young girl.(source?) She is only able to regain her original form when she returns to the Devildom.(source?) She has a companion called Azuki-tan, who's an imagawayaki (pancake filled with red bean paste).(source?)

Leviathan has said he admires how Ruri-chan is willing to give up her true form just to learn more about humans, and stated that he'd support her regardless of the form she was in.(source?) Asmodeus has said he prefers Ruri-chan in her true, grown-up form.(source?)

Ruri-chan's fandom appears to be quite small in the Devildom, as seen in the Devilgram Offline Ruri-Chan Meetup!. In comparison, Leviathan mentioned in the same Devilgram that there are offline meetups for Ruri-chan fans in the Human World somewhere every weekend.

In the Devilgram Belphie Goes to C.S.!, the line Belphegor was supposed to say when in Ruri-chan cosplay was "In the face of adversity, there will always be petunias!" This may be one of Ruri-chan's catchphrases.


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Powers and Abilities[edit]

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Obey Me!'s Main Story and Events[edit]

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In Lesson 7-4, Leviathan mentioned owning a figurine of Ruri-chan's pet, Peetie the Pancake.

According to Leviathan's Rainy Season dialogue, in the episode "Ruri-chan and the Tree Frog" Ruri-chan made a magic doll to pray for fine weather.

According to Leviathan's Dango Over Flowers Fair dialogue, episode 32 of Ruri-chan's anime is known as the hanami episode. In this episode, Hiro-kun nearly accidentally ate Azuki-tan. At the 12 minutes and 44-second mark of the episode, there is a scene of Ruri-chan running through cherry blossoms.

As Leviathan mentioned in his Cursed Cutlery dialogue, Ruri-chan hates carrots. However, in Episode 12 of Season 1, she was able to eat them, and received a pat on the head from Azuki-tan for doing so.

As mentioned in the chat Tough Decisions, some other characters from the anime include Taichi-senpai, Miyabi-senpai, and Hiro-kun. All of these characters had the potential to rank 5th place in a character popularity poll. In Lesson 24, it's mentioned that Taichi-senpai is a fish-shaped cake about a year or two older than Azuki-tan. Azuki-tan has a crush on Taichi-senpai.

Nightbringer's Main Story[edit]

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In Nightbringer, the player is able to progress through the story by playing rhythm games in Ruri★Tunes. Ruri-chan herself and other characters are seen in the background of the app. If the player has a VIP subscription, they are able to have Ruri-chan on their battle team. She has her own set of dialogues when she is selected, and the other two characters on the player's team have special dialogues when reacting to her presence.


  • "Ruri Hana! Ru-Ru Ruri!"
  • "Flowers never say never!"
  • "Evil demons be on alert!"

Card Art Appearances[edit]

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