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Color Trouble
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 6
Card: Color Trouble
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"We have to feed him something!"

Mammon says he got a lot of studying done today, but Asmodeus disagrees with him. Asmo asks Beelzebub for his opinion, but Beel doesn't respond, causing MC to ask him if he's either hungry or sleepy. Mammon agrees with the former, but Asmo says that they're talking about Beel, not Belphegor. They suddenly realize they have a problem, and Asmo asks Mammon if he has food, but he doesn't. Mammon then asks MC if they have food, but they only have stationary shaped as food. Beel has now turned into his demon form, and Mammon tries to calm him down, but Beel shouts that he's hungry.

"It's just one problem after another."

Mammon tries to guide Beelzebub to the cafeteria, but Asmodeus says going outside would be better. Simeon sees this, and is confused, to which Satan explains that Beel has reached "peak hunger" and is about to lose control. They give Beel some food, but afterwards, Beel remains hungry. Asmo and Mammon are unable to restrain him any longer, and are at risk of being eaten, when MC brings some food. Beel eats it and returns to his usual appearance, but he says he needs more food. In his hunger, he accidentally bumps into a freshly-painted wall.

"This is serious trouble."

Mammon and Asmodeus laugh at Beelzebub, but stop when Lucifer arrives. They quickly take their leave, and Lucifer punishes Beel by telling him that he won't get dinner until he repaints the wall. MC ends up helping Beel out, and when they're done, they have the option to be kissed by Beel. However, they soon hear someone yell at them for being lovey-dovey.

"It worked out well."

Mammon and Asmodeus are back, and they are jealous that Beelzebub is acting so cute with MC. Mammon then knocks over the can of paint they had been using earlier, which nearly falls onto MC. Luckily, Beel shields them, but he's now covered in paint. Beel blames Mammon if he misses dinner, and is suddenly reminded of how hungry he is. MC can choose to either kiss Beel, or feed him to stop him from throwing a tantrum. Lucifer comes back, and he's unhappy with the state of the wall. He asks MC to bring Beel home, as he thinks Beel will end up causing more trouble if he gets any hungrier. Instead, he forces Mammon and Asmo to clean up the area.

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