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This page lists all chats in Nightbringer sent to MC by Solomon. For phone calls from Solomon, see Solomon's Calls.

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Untitled Lesson 1-1
Anywhere Is Okay with You Devilgram Anywhere Is Okay With You

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Left Behind Day 49
Forgetting Things Isn't So Bad Day 49
Pick Up Day 53
Can't Go Home Day 61
Why Can't I Come Home? Day 71
Living Together is Like That Day 84
Suspicions 1 Day 105
Suspicions 2 Day 107
Wrong Date Day 125
Thanks for the Midnight Snack Day 136
Regular Salt Day 153
Force of Habit Day 169
Sugar Craving Day 172
TerrariumCG Day 185
No Cooking! Day 206
Order Confirmation Day 215
Words of Love Contest: SolomonVoice
Voice 2
Day 234
Care to Be My Assistant? 1 Day 243
Thanks for Noticing Day 246
Something Smells Fishy Day 269
Coming Clean Day 269
See You After School Day 273
Practically Twins Day 312
Ways to Spend a Rainy Day Day 328
Cute Aggression 1 Day 354
You Are Who You Are Day 355
The Man at the Bakery Day 377
The Demon Barber of the Devildom Day 379

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
The Best Day Ever The Sorcerer's Lesson
A Normal Day Unforgettable Past
The Worst Day Ever Unforgettable Past
A New Anniversary Unforgettable Past
Same Book, Different Interpretation Solomon Takes the Train
No Spoilers, Please Solomon Takes the Train
Wanna Go to the Movies? The Gourmand's Main Dish (NB)
Where's Our Money? A Fanged Feast (NB)
Magical Recompense A Fanged Feast (NB)
Post-Idol Activities Together, We Can Overcome (NB)
Precious Flowers Read Like a Book
Hiding the Scroll The Pressures of Being Me (NB)
Bubble Show Livestream The Perfect Bubbles (NB)
When's Our Next Date? A Delicious Meal for All (NB)
A Dangerous Journey Trunk of Memories (NB)
The Search Continues An Afternoon for Bonding (NB)
The Rain Pearl's Fate Anywhere Is Okay With You (NB)
Before Hitting the Beach Anywhere Is Okay With You (NB)
Solomon's Jealousy Down Memory Lane (NB)
Movie Week Down Memory Lane (NB)
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