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This gallery includes all of Solomon's images from both Obey Me! and Nightbringer with the exception of outfits.

For Solomon's outfits, see Solomon's Outfits Gallery.

Illustrations[[ edit ]]

Promotional Art[[ edit ]]

Home Pictures[[ edit ]]

Outfits[[ edit ]]

See Solomon's Outfits Gallery

Animations and Moving Pictures[[ edit ]]

Animations[[ edit ]]

Moving Pictures[[ edit ]]

Birthday Pictures[[ edit ]]

Chat Photos (Obey Me!)[[ edit ]]

Note: this section may include spoilers.

Miscellaneous[[ edit ]]

Shared Gallery[[ edit ]]

Limited Events and Collabs[[ edit ]]

Happy Devil Day[[ edit ]]

Miscellaneous[[ edit ]]

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