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Emergency Date Mission Devilgram.png
Emergency Date Mission
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Card: Emergency Date Mission
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Going out together?"

Set in the spy alternate universe. Lucifer calls MC to an emergency mission. As they're going to tail someone they're going to pretend to be a couple on a date. They start tailing the target and Lucifer keeps instructing MC what to do and praises them when they do well. He advises them to look into the shop windows to make a more natural impression - he himself keeps an eye on the target. They enter a shop but MC initially gets overwhelmed by the shop. If they want to see the target too, Lucifer doesn't allow them as the target is dangerous. Then Lucifer buys some of the items that the target sold to the shop.

"That is suspicious."

MC and Lucifer follow the target out of the shop and to a restaurant. In the restaurant MC doesn't start eating and Lucifer points out they're not convincing. He states that he understands they might not want to go out with him, but since it's a mission they just have to keep the act up. Soon the target leaves the restaurant, so Lucifer rushes MC to finish their food quickly and follow.

"That's a date for sure."

Lucifer and MC continue their mission until their target enters a building. Expecting the target to stay there for some time, Lucifer asks MC what they think about the mission and tells them that they're going to start going on more missions, including dangerous ones. So he asks if they are absolutely sure they still want to pursue a spy career as it's still not too late to quit if it's not something they want. If they're not completely sure yet, he reassures them they still have time to consider their options and states that he doesn't want them to have any regrets. Their conversation is interrupted by the target leaving the building and almost seeing them, but they manage to remain inconspicuous.

"You're the guilty one!"

Lucifer and MC tail their target until he gets home and MC gets suspicious that Lucifer might have tricked them as they arrived at the headquarters. He explains though it was a real target but since it was someone they know, he didn't want that fact to cloud MC's judgement. They enter the headquarters and Lucifer questions Mammon where he was and what he was doing, but Mammon doesn't admit anything. Turns out that he sold some items from the headquarters that Lucifer then bought back, went to a restaurant and a casino where he gambled everything away and didn't notice the tailing him. Lucifer decides to deduct the lost money from Mammon's salary.

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