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Greed and Pride Devilgram.png
Greed and Pride
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Card: Greed and Pride
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Hey, whaddya call me?!"

Right after the events of Body Swap Panic! Pop Quiz, Lucifer is still under the spell that MC practiced, and his clothes are swapped with Mammon's. MC visits him to check up on him, and Lucifer states that this time the spell is more powerful, likely due to MC's magic growing stronger, and seems to affect his personality as well. Lucifer is annoyed that he has Mammon's mannerisms and even the way he walks upsets him. He's very stressed and complains about the situation, and asks MC to lift the spell the previous way - by expressing their feelings towards him. MC however cannot do it and fails. Since there's a record on sale that Lucifer wanted to buy, he asks MC to go with him to put them into the right mindset.

"This Lucifer is a bit..."

MC and Lucifer are out in the town to buy the record he wanted. He starts speaking like Mammon and using Mammon's informal vocabulary. MC laughs at him and Lucifer grows even more upset and attempts to try to control it, as he considers this way of speaking to be obnoxious, but after a while comes to the conclusion there's no point in putting so much effort into something so trivial. Lucifer asks MC if it feels as if they're in Mammon's company. MC can choose to reassure him that it's not the case or agree it does feel like they're with Mammon - which makes him jealous and he forbids MC from thinking about any dates with Mammon. He states though that "the Great Lucifer" would forgive them for thinking it feels like being with Mammon. The sole fact that he referred to himself as "the Great Lucifer" depresses him.

"Give him a credit card..."

After the purchase Lucifer expresses how happy he is that he got it. He has been looking for it for a long time and as soon as he found that it's available, he called the shop to reserve it - it's a very precious record. If MC admits that in that case the record must be really precious, he passionately continues. If MC asks if they can listen to the record too, Lucifer says he bought it for them to listen together. After that he falls silent and starts frowning, suddenly upset and expresses that he's overcome with an urge to resell the record and that it's harder and harder for him to control himself. Lucifer admits that he underestimated the spell and that the change is out of control. While he doesn't particularly care if he's going to change completely, he's worried that the spell sticks for so long.

"I don't think it's half bad."

Lucifer and MC are listening to the record, but Lucifer doesn't enjoy it and is disappointed. He complains that he's losing the sense of which feelings are his own and which are Mammon's, but he knows that MC is very important to him. Lucifer sends MC back to their room because he's afraid of what he might say or do. If MC stays and explains how important Lucifer is, it lifts the spell. Lucifer reflects on the day, and concludes it was a good experience. He now somehow respects living one's life on impulses. If MC goes back to their room, Lucifer turns back to normal in the night. In the morning, Lucifer and Mammon talk about their experience. Mammon complains about having an urge to find a quiet place to listen to records. Lucifer admits he had to lock the new record in his drawer and gorge himself on snacks to protect the record.

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