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Group Hug! Devilgram.png
Group Hug!
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 7
Card: Group Hug!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"That is one angry dem..."

Satan teaches MC some spells, one of which ends up misfiring and hits him. He brushes it aside and explains that the spell is one that brings objects together like magnets. As he explains, Beelzebub enters the room and unexpectedly grabs Satan's hand without reason. Satan demands Beel stop it, but Beel states that he can't let go. After some effort, they manage to pull their hands apart, and Beel leaves.

"They look flexible."

MC insists on spending time with Satan afterwards, so they head together to the library. Mammon comes in looking for MC, and he subconsciously starts squeezing Satan's cheeks. Satan, flustered, yells at him to get off. Mammon yells back that he isn't enjoying it either, but he cannot pry his hands away. Once again, it takes effort for them to break away. Satan asks if Mammon cast some sort of spell on him, but he denies it and leaves. Satan attempts to break the spell MC previously misfired, and he concludes that he may have to ask Lucifer for help.

"I'm glad Satan didn't get..."

Satan explains the issue to Lucifer, who is suspicious of whether MC truly misfired by accident. Satan tells him to stop being mean to them, except Lucifer ignores it and abruptly begins pinching Satan's cheeks. He explains that he feels as though he's being drawn to the latter, much to the dismay of Satan, who is now speaking in "OwO" due to the pinching. Lucifer promptly pulls away, and admits that while he wouldn't call it teasing, he did give in to the spell so as to examine it. He explains that the spell appears to be one that makes people want to touch the one who is cursed. Satan then wonders why the spell doesn't seem to affect MC.

"It must be so nice that..."

Lucifer clarifies that the person who cast the spell is immune, leaving Satan disappointed. Lucifer tells them that the spell can be broken by force, but it'll have to be returned to MC, which he advises against. He assures them that the spell is effective only until the following morning, and so Satan and MC leave. Satan is exasperated by this point and decides to wait in his room until the next morning, with MC insisting on remaining with him. They end up falling asleep together, and the following morning, Satan tells MC to avoid making noises, as to not alert his brothers of what happened. Nonetheless, Asmodeus walks past, loudly exclaiming that he saw them leave Satan's bedroom together. Levi and Mammon hear the conversation, and they gang up on him. Incidentally, the spell has not been lifted, and so the three all hug Satan, leaving them stuck together.

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