Happy Birthday! Dear Solomon '21

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Pop Quiz
Happy Birthday! Dear Solomon '21.png
Image source: Event main page
3 December 2021 9 December 2021
Chapters Battle Stages
2 26
Locked Stages No. Keys Needed
10 110
Revival Dates
28 November 2022 2 December 2022


While Solomon is busy with an invention he calls "oracle water" - a liquid that changes to a color representing one's magic - Simeon, Luke, MC, and the seven brothers are working together to throw a surprise birthday party for him at the park. Said surprise party takes a spooky turn in the standard story route, and becomes a birthday-themed scavenger hunt in the locked story route.


Sorcerer's Day Off.png
Sorcerer's Day Off.png
Sorcerer's Day Off
Obtain card pieces from battles


Pop Quiz Rewards
UR Seek a Melody Mini.png
Seek a Melody
Happy Birthday! Dear Solomon '21 Collection Item.png  7,500
SR Solomon's Birthday Mini.png
Solomon's Birthday
Happy Birthday! Dear Solomon '21 Collection Item.png  2,800
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