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He's the Thief! Devilgram.png
He's the Thief!
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 3
Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: He's the Thief!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"They found him in no time."

Per Lucifer's orders, Beelzebub and MC are investigating Satan's hideout. MC doesn't seem to know what the mission is so Beelzebub explains that they are here to steal Satan's treasure and take it to Lucifer. MC is able to complain that Lucifer should have come himself or that they're stuck with Beelzebub as their partner. As Beelzebub and MC are talking, Satan finds them.

"LMAO is he for real?!"

Naturally, Satan isn't happy to see them. He asks why Beelzebub and MC are there so MC answers. They can tell him the truth, that they were just passing through, or that they came to be his henchmen. However, no matter what MC says their cover is blown. Satan refuses to hand over the treasure, instead offering an ultimatum. If Satan can keep MC, then Beelzebub can take a portion of the treasure.

"Oh my, Beel... Really?"

Beelzebub doesn't agree to Satan's deal so Satan approaches MC directly to ask what they think. MC is able to accept the offer enthusiastically, accept the offer reluctantly, or refuse. If MC accepts then Beelzebub gets upset and tells them not to join Team Satan. If MC refuses then Satan gets upset. Beelzebub and Satan begin arguing again and that's when Satan presents Beelzebub with a mountain of food. Beel immediately starts eating the food, ignoring Satan's speech entirely. However, Satan doesn't mind this and asks MC again to join him.

"And here I was worried..."

While Beelzebub is eating, Satan reminds MC what will happen if they return to Lucifer empty-handed, telling them that he's not going to let them go back anyway. Upon hearing this, Beelzebub begins to protest and Satan is surprised that Beelzebub has already eaten all the food. Satan asks Beelzebub if he's planning to fight and Beelzebub suggests an eating competition. Satan refuses so Beelzebub asks if he's afraid to lose. Satan answers yes but then he starts laughing. MC asks if they know each other so Beelzebub then confirms that they're brothers. Satan tells Beelzebub that he's impressed they can stand staying with Lucifer and Beelzebub says that Lucifer feeds him. Satan then tells Beelzebub that he can also feed him and MC suggests that they can all stay together. Because MC made the suggestion, Satan says that they must like him. Beelzebub insists it's not the case which makes the two get into an argument over who MC likes better. Satan says they must come up with a way to settle this so Beelzebub suggests an eating competition again much to Satan's dismay.

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