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I Present to You...Me
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: I Present to You...Me
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"What a bold idea!"

Beelzebub tells MC to come to the entrance hall - there are plenty of presents under the Christmas tree and some of them are for MC. In the entrance hall Belphegor already awaits MC - wrapped in a ribbon, he claims to be MC's present. If MC asks him he's talking about, Belphie admits that he has no idea either. He couldn't think of anything good enough to give MC for Christmas so decided to let MC do whatever they want with him for the entire day. He's going to do his best to grant MC the best day ever (albeit within reason).

"Like a puppy dog."

In MC's room Belphegor wants them to think of something he can do. They choose then between a massage or nothing. If they choose massage and especially if they ask him to press harder on their shoulders, Belphie complains how tiring the task is. Then they can either feel bad to order him around or tell him to be quiet as their next wish, but he gets impatient of staying quiet soon. Leviathan calls MC to inform them of a new volume of the manga they borrowed from him so MC goes to his room. Belphie tags along but is not welcome there as Levi wants to talk about the manga with MC and tells Belphie to leave, which makes Belphie angry. He firmly refuses to leave MC's side no matter what anyone thinks.

"Belphie is SO cute!!!"

Belphegor keeps following MC everywhere. After a while they have a choice to state that he really follows them everywhere or be done with that and tell him to go somewhere else but this is one wish Belphie refuses to fulfill. MC can then ask Belphie to feed them sweets or be their pillow, bring them a drink or read them a book. Mammon drops by and wants to go shopping with MC. Belphie declares he's going too but Mammon doesn't want Belphie along and ridicules him for doing everything MC tells him to.

"Why don't you come over?"

Mammon tries to order Belphie around, but Belphie refuses as he's MC's present only. Mammon attempts to leave with MC as they had plans, but Belphie gets jealous. MC can invite Belphie or tell him to wait for them, but he refuses to stay behind and demands them to cancel their plans. Then Belphie takes off running, dragging MC with him. In the attic, Belphie reflects on that and apologises that he didn't fulfill all their wishes and didn't do a good job as their present either. Belphie admits that he decided on that since he forgot to prepare a gift and couldn't find anything last minute. MC can choose to keep reassuring Belphie through the talk and since he promised to fulfill their next orders completely, MC has a choice to pursue romantic moments with him too.

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