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Levi Dreams of Sleep
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 7
Card: Levi Dreams of Sleep
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"He was drooling and eve..."

Satan wakes up Leviathan who is napping during a break while at school. Levi doesn't see a problem with sleeping in school as long as it's during break time - Satan agrees on that point but warns him not to sleep during class as it would make the rest of them look bad. Luke points out that Levi was indeed napping during lessons - to the point, according to Simeon, that he didn't notice that the teacher threw a piece of chalk at him. Simeon considers it very impressive that even being hit with chalk didn't disturb Levi. Luke however doesn't think it's something Levi should be complimented on. Levi explains it can't be helped since he's tired - Simeon assumes that Levi stayed up to play games. Levi however does not agree that it counted as staying up late - he was up until dawn. Luke points out that it really makes it impossible not to be sleepy during class in such a situation but Simeon reminds Levi that sleep is important. He suggests that Levi should find something that would motivate him to go to bed earlier much more than games tempt him to stay up late. Levi starts thinking about what could work for him.

"Can he not sleep at night?"

Levi messages MC to ask them to come to his room. When they're there, he explains that he came to the conclusion that they can help him - since on his own he cannot resist the games. MC then can either taunt him to play or watch anime, or read manga. Levi notices he's being led on in case of anime or games, in case of choosing manga he rambles a bit about his collection that he - as he claims - did not collect with MC in mind and did not plan to show to MC.

"I'll break that flag for you."

Later, Levi comments that MC's ideas are too basic to help him. He complains that life isn't like a dating sim, where he could unlock options that would tell him what he can do. MC can either ask if Levi plays a lot of such games - he confirms and gets flustered that those games are not eroge, or ask about choices in such games - that flusters Levi too since he suspects that MC is implying that he'd want to get intimate with them. Then they drink a hot drink to warm them up before sleeping, but he's not sleepy yet. Levi wants to play a game - MC can either remind him he isn't supposed to, or agree on the game, to which he then comments that MC is really unhelpful. Then he suggests at least lying down and trying to sleep. They do so, but it backfires as they can't fall asleep. He's too conscious about the sharing-the-bed scenario and that keeps him awake. Levi mentions dating sims again, that it's a place where a choice would pop up to hold hands, hug, or do something else. MC can then choose to hold hands or hug him, which makes him relaxed enough to try to sleep, or kiss him. If kissed, Levi gets flustered because he wasn't mentally prepared, but after a moment informs MC that he prepared himself and MC can do it again.

"Mammon's so soft."

In the morning, both Levi and MC are tired. Levi sleeps in class again, this time impressing Simeon by dodging the piece of chalk the teacher had thrown at him, despite the fact that he was asleep. Luke reminds Simeon again that it's not something Levi should be complimented on and scolds Levi for asking them both to let him nap. Luke is exasperated that Levi was playing games until dawn again but Levi corrects him that he wasn't playing games but spent the night with MC and as a result got even less sleep than usual. Both Luke and Simeon are shocked, though Simeon quickly recovers to laugh at how red Luke's face became. Mammon shows up right after that, smiling and in his demon form and asks Levi to repeat that because he didn't hear it well about Levi and MC spending the entire night together. Levi and MC run away and end up skipping class. Levi notices that MC is tired too so they stay in the courtyard to get some rest. MC can simply suggest taking a nap or fluster Levi by suggesting either that Levi rests his head on their lap, or that they rest their head on Levi's lap.

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