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This page lists all chats in Obey Me! sent to MC by Leviathan. For phone calls from Leviathan, see Leviathan's Calls.

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
A Midnight Call Lesson 2-6
Hey, It's Me Lesson 4-4
I Am SO Hyped! Lesson 24-5
Listen to this! Lesson 32-16
The Cryptid Encyclopedia 2 Happy Birthday! Dear Satan '22 2-8

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
You're Going to School? Day 7
Bufo Egg Drink Day 7
Levi Can't Sleep Day 8
Future Dream 1-2 Day 9
Mononoke Land 1-4 Day 11, 13, 14, 16
Watching it Live Day 15
An Invitation to C.S. Day 18
Idol Fandom Day 21
Switching Sides Day 22
Secret Live Show Day 23
ChaosCG 1 Day 31
Levi Cannot Compute Day 35
An Otaku's Soul Day 44
How...? Why...? Day 63
Whispers of Love Day 83
Obey Me! RPG Day 107
You Cannot Cheat Death Day 112
On the Radio Day 137
Troubleshooting Day 146
In-Game? Day 159
Levi Lost Day 174
Leviathan's Best Qualities Day 176
Levi's Reason to Go Out Day 189
Dismantler of Cardboard Boxes Day 205
Levi's Challenge 1-3CG Day 212-213
Levi's Words of Love Day 220
The Book Satan Was Reading 2 Day 229
Concert Fan Day 248
Invite to the Unboxing Ceremony Day 265
An Otaku's Pride Day 274
I Want You to Care Day 283
A Small Incident 1 Day 307
Teaching an Old Fish New Tricks Day 314
10x Gacha Day 319
An Otaku's Plight Day 335
Get the Limited Edition Day 345
TSL Roleplay Day 356
Levi's Intimacy Level Day 362
Who's My Next Partner? Day 371
Let's Make Manga Food! Day 382
Levi's Code Day 392
A Novel Punishment Day 416
Prayer to Win Day 425
Gacha Luck Day 446
Stop the Doldrums Day 452
The Day After the Finale Day 468
No Subject Day 482
This is the End Day 497
An Unexpected Contender Day 514
A Suspicious Brew 2 Day 518
A New Hobby? Day 527
Let's Harmonize! Day 543
ABC Word Chain 10 Day 569
How Do You Really Feel?! Day 577
Exciting Weekend Plans Day 595
Worst Possible Situation Day 602
Delivery! Day 632
What Was Found Day 640
Offline Day 1 Day 652
Beel's Fitness 2 Day 658
Levi's Farewell Letter 2 Day 690
A Hero's Presence 1CG 1 Day 692
The Great Cake Battle 5 Day 712
Mystery Lost and Found 2 Day 721
Levi Writes a Play Day 741
Time to Stop Being Anti-Normie? Day 770
We Played NCF! Day 778
A Room Tour 2 Day 787
Overwhelming Gratitude Day 797
Sad News! Day 810
With Love, Peugeot 2 Day 836
Cleaning the Fish Tank Day 857
Not My Scene Day 884
Sketchbooks and Master Artists 1 Day 910
A Gift from Ruri-Chan Day 928
Phantom Lyric 1 Day 933
Kiss the Cook Day 946
Online Shopping Fail Day 982
Who Is It? 3 Day 1,008
A Postcard Chock-Full of Love Day 1,028
Voodoo-Chan 4 Day 1,054
Back Pains Day 1,107
Second Thoughts Are Best Day 1,111
Reading Habits 14 Day 1,121
Karaoke Aficionados 2 Day 1,156
Blunder 1 Day 1,173
Blunder 2 Day 1,178
Online Goods Lottery Day 1,197
Point Apps Day 1,209
Chocolate Heartbreak Concert 2 Day 1,213
Chocolate Heartbreak Concert 6 Day 1,222

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Decisions, Decisions Living the Dream
A True Fan Resentment Runs Deep
I'll Never Forgive Myself! Seven Rulers of Hell (Leviathan)
Let's Do This! Love, Friendship, and Justice
What Do I Do Now? The Joker's Curse
Are You Up? Levi Dreams of Sleep
I Need to Talk It's the Phantom Thief!
Games Before Exercise The Battle Between Demons
On Air For You Listen to Me
Memories with You Pieces of a Puzzle
I'm Useless Trick Quest
Feeling Nervous? The Lord of Shadow
Christmas Up in Flames A Jealous Christmas
Your Next Ambition The Game of 100 Poems
I Want to Protect You Skiing for Two
You're My Next Model You, Me, and Ruri-chan
My Reward for Winning A Pro Gamer Is Born!
DevilTube Fame! Levi's Challenges
Dream Big! Levi the Tailor!
The Road to the Real World is Rough! A Virtual Drive
Levi the Military Nerd Eyes on Me!
For You and Only You Catch Your Heart!
Glasses-TASTIC Show Me Your Frames!
Leviathan-Sensei's Next Game Handmade Present!
Because It's You A Little Mermaid-Ish
Not the Cake! The Life of the Party!
A Finely Crafted Cosplay Reaping Dragon Tears
Next Time, I'll Go All Out! The Ice King
A Shut-In Cosplayer Master the Grin!
Progress Report Heartbeat✩Creation Time
An Invite to an Anime Café Get That Devildom Merch
Next Costumes A Seaside Stroll for Two
Levi's Deduction The Detective's Assistant
Honorable Mention Ninja Fandom
Villain Fanboy Levi's Villain Struggles
The Results Are In! Ruri and the Dream Team
City of Dreams RAD-ception
An All-New Idol Group?! Levi the Superstar!
A Hero's First Step The World's Meekest Hero
The Birth of a Normie?! My Secret Valentine ♡
Preparing for the Shoot Codes & Checkups
Special Delivery To Fetch a Forgotten Item
Returning the Favor Fandom Ambassador
How Not to Ask Someone Out Hidden Feelings
The Strongest Archetype! Tokimeki ♡ Leviathan
Emo✩Fan Speed-O'-Sound Levi
Live and Let Live Operation Makeover
A Long-Awaited Gamer Date No Love Like Sibling Love
The Amazing Present Magical✩Birthday
The Next Step Struggle With Words
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