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This page lists all dialogues spoken by Leviathan in Obey Me! during Surprise Guest interactions, on the Home Screen, and more! For all dialogues with associated voice clips in Majolish, titles and links to Leviathan's Majolish Voice Clips page are provided.

Title Screen[edit]

Translation of Leviathan's Title Screen dialogue.

  • "Obey me. If you make me obey, you win... That's fine."

Dance Battles[edit]

Dialogues said during battles.

Battle Skills[edit]

  • "Let's do this!" (Skill 1)
  • "Leave this to Levi!" (Skill 2)
  • "Take my power puff burst❤︎" (Skill 3)
    • "Eat this! Power Puff Burst!" (variation)
  • "Don't underestimate an otaku!" (Skill 4)
  • "You've made me MAD!" (Skill 5)
  • "Die, normies!" (Skill 6)
  • "C-C-COUNTERPUNCH!" (Skill 7)
  • "Woot! I'm second!" (Skill 8)
    • "Woot! I got two of them!" (variation)
  • "Ooh, my tuuurn!" (Skill 9)
  • "Burn in the blazing inferno!" (Skill 10)
  • "Time for the final move!" (Skill 11)

Surprise Guest[edit]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when not using Items.

Three-Star Wins[edit]

  • "Don't forget to thank me, okay?"
  • "Don't tell me?! I'm about to get a totally legit...high five!"

Two-Star/One-Star Wins[edit]

  • "HA! Can you see how strong I am now? I AM OTAKU! HEAR ME ROAR!"

Home Screen[edit]

  • "Henry! Oh, Henry! Thine name is wondrous! D'AAH HE'S SO COOL!"
  • "Midnight... That's when the otakus come out... You know, people like me!"
  • "Huh? You want help from me? Only if I get something in return."

Gifting the Player[edit]

  • "Listen up! It's not everyday I give out presents, all right?!"
  • "I COME BEARING THE SPOILS OF WAR! jk lol I brought you this present though."


Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "Aaaww yeah, Levi got touched!"
  • "AAHH! Don't just touch me outta the blue like that! You're gonna make me blush!"
  • "Did you really think I'd like that?! Ah, no, I'm sorry! Don't stop!"
  • "H-Hey! Don't be mistaken if you think that makes me happy!"
  • "Heh...Hya ha ha! Hmm? NOTHING! IT'S NOTHING!"
  • "I...um...don't know what to do."
  • "No! This is one of your normie tactics... IT'S A TRAP!"
  • "Wh-Why are you smiling like that...? "
  • "Why are you so touchy-feely? NO! I won't succumb to such normie tactics!"

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "Can I go already?"
  • "Hey! Who do you think you are, just touching me like that?!"
  • "Touchy-touchy, no no!"
  • "UUUGGH so annoyiiiing."
  • "Yeah, this isn't so much fun."
  • "Nooo, I just wanna go home and play gaaaames!"

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "Hey! Don't get any closer! I'm a shut-in you know?! I need my space!"
  • "I fear this time together is...going nowhere."
  • "I meeeaan, I guess it's cool you like me."
  • "I'm gettin' totally PO'd, you hear me?! PO'd!"
  • "Nooo, I just wanna go home and play gaaaames!"
  • "Not sure my body can handle any more physical contact."
  • "Should I really be your fav bro? This isn't going anywhere."
  • "Ugh, I'm worn out... "
  • "Uh, this isn't gonna fly."


Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "Aaaah, that was awesome. It'd be even better if weeee... ...played games together, eh? *wink* *wink*"
  • "WOOOOOP! I may be a shut-in, but at least I wasn't shut down!"
  • "You're such a boss! Like, final-boss status. Ah, but not in a bad way! I mean...! GAH!"

Good Sequence[edit]

  • "Hey, that was pretty fun!"
  • "Huh. Leaving my room wasn't all that bad."
  • "I'd be glad to hang with you again! After all, we are friends!"
  • "You had fun too, right? ...RIGHT?!"

Normal Sequence[edit]

  • "Great, I'll see you in-game then."
  • "Peace ooouuut."
  • "Sweet, time to go home and watch some TSL!"

Bad Sequence[edit]

  • "UGH, talk about the pits. I should've never left my room."
  • "Yeah, I don't think this co-op thing is going so well."
  • "Yep. Staying locked up in my room is always best."

Using Items[edit]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when Items are used.

Standard Items[edit]

Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "Aaaww yeah! I got some in-game rations, baby!"
  • "...Ah, yeah, hold on a sec. I'm just savoring all the joy I have right now."
  • "...How did you know what I like? *gasp* Can you do telepathy?!"
  • "Pfft, like this is supposed to make me happy? AH I was kidding! WAIT! DON'T TAKE IT BACK!"
  • "The peculiar smell of medical supplies... ...I like it."
  • "What? I can have this?! Seriously?! Sweet! It's always good to have a friend!"
  • "WHOOOAAAA wait wait wait. Are you...an angel?!"
  • "Yo... That hit me right in the feels, dude. Right in the feels."

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "Did you even READ the item explanations? My name's written there somewhere!"
  • "Erm...How can I say this? You could do better."
  • "Meh. I mean, it's free so I'll take it."
  • "This is totally not gonna raise my Intimacy Lv."

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "Errrgghh... No thanks..."
  • "I have a question for you. Did you really think I'd like this?"
  • "Sorry to break it to you, but... ...my Intimacy Lv. is taking a serious nose dive."

Whip of Love[edit]

  • "It's dangerous to swing around something like that!"
  • "OUCH! Could this be the rumored legendary reward?!"
  • "What do you think you're doing?! Try that again and I won't play games with you anymore!"

Limited Items[edit]

For Limited Item dialogues of all characters, see the Limited Items Dialogues page.

Heartcuffs (Slightly Used)[edit]

  • "Wait, don't people usually give something cuter for Valentine's Day? I-I'm not saying I don't like it! What I'm trying to say is that...it's not all that bad?"
    • "H-H-H-Happy Valentine's Day! Hey, can't you see I'm trying here?! I'm not used to this, you know!"

Spring Fair[edit]

  • "B-B-Bunny ears...! Don't tell me you plan on putting those on me?!"
    • "Happy Easter! Gonna get myself a limited-edition Easter Ruri-chan figurine! Come with me!"
    • "Happy Easteeeer! This is for you!" (Demon Voucher)

Rainy Season Fair[edit]

  • "Wow! For ME?! Th-Thank you!!! Wait, if I get hydrangeas...does that make me a normie?!"
    • "Here, take this. I'm going to watch a re-run of 'Ruri-chan and the Tree Frog' now."
    • "Ruri-chan made a magic doll to pray for fine weather. If you're free, why don't we make our own in my room?" (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair[edit]

  • "Wh-Whoa! So this is the sacred Floaticorn!!! I thought I'd never see one of these things. Thanks!"
    • "It wouldn't be very nice of me if it was just you giving the gifts. Take this. Ah, don't get near the Siren Coast. Lotan is lurking somewhere around there."
    • "I bet on days like these all the normies would be at the beach. I wonder if someone will invite me along too. Hint, hint..." (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair Part 2[edit]

  • "Ah! Isn't this from the anime "Polarbeary Café"?! It looks exactly like the one in the show! Give me a second to... Whoa! It's melting!"
    • "This is a thanks... Not that you asked for anything from me or anything but... Ah! The Mononoke Land summer event is about to start! See ya!"
    • "I haven't been able to complete any of my favorite games' summer events this year... Because I've been making sure to put time with you first." (Demon Voucher)

End-of-Summer Fair[edit]

  • "Huh? Wha, wha, wha, what? Hey if you gonna squirt at me, at least warn me! I prepared a massive water gun for counterattacks and everything."
    • "Hey, can it just be autumn already? It's toooo hot! Staying inside with the AC on is seriously the best. I swear nothing beats."
    • "Games' summer events are so much fun. Here, this is a present from me to you. I always have the AC on in my room, so it's nice and cold. Pretty great, huh?" (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair[edit]

  • "A Demonus while gaming can really help me get things done. I mean, I don't actually progress that much, but it's still fun."
    • "The other day, Asmo drunkenly stumbled into my room and... ...he kept dancing behind me. It was the worst."
    • "If I drink too much, I won't be able to game properly. Ah, this is no good. I'm already feeling it. Can I just lie down next to you for a sec?" (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair Part 2[edit]

  • "Oh, that's that drink I keep seeing on the Devilgram! Even Sucre Frenzy posted about it!"
    • "It's so cold! I can't take it anymore! Let me go back to my room where I have the warm vents of my PC. It is time I turn to the Japanese art of warming oneself and bring out my 'kotatsu.'"
    • "This time of year makes even a shut-in otaku like me wanna go outside. All right, let’s go get some fall sweets! T-Together of course!" (Demon Voucher)

Christmas Fair[edit]

  • "T-T-T-T-That's right! These are some kind of event items for normies. These are the sort of things you put up with the person you like, while squealing and giggling. I saw it in an anime!"
    • "What does this have to do with ME? I'm too busy with my in-game Christmas events! Who cares about real life?"
    • "Am I seriously going to be taking part in a REAL Christmas event? This has to be a trap! I don't believe it! ...Nah, just kidding. Let's decorate a tree together." (Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair[edit]

  • "A scaaaaaarf! Y-You want to g-give it to me? You're not just lending it to me?"
    • "Oh, that reminds me. The Ruri-chan winter merch it out now! You want some too, right? Let's look at Akuzon together."
    • "This matches yours...? It m-m-m-matches!!!" (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair[edit]

  • "C-C-Chocolate for me? Really? For ME? No backsies, got it? You're not just giving this to me out of friendship or obligation, right?"
    • "Now if you excuse me, the Devil's Army Valentine's Day gacha awaits me. I've got a feeling I'll draw my favorite character! Cross your fingers for me!"
    • "Here is a gift, normie style. There's also a card. Read it alone. In your room. With nobody watching!!!" (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair[edit]

  • "No way! These are just like the ones in the hanami episode of Ruri-chan! You remember, right? It's the one where Hiro-kun nearly accidentally eats Azuki-tan."
    • "Oh! This is from the unforgettable 12 minutes and 44 second mark of episode 32! The one where Ruri-chan rushes through the cherry blossoms to... Hey, are you even listening?!"
    • "This represents my feelings... So go ahead, take it! Also...meeting in my room in, like, now. Because it's time to watch Ruri Hana — our generation's hanami! Lol." (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair[edit]

  • "Is this the latest Ultra Otama Tony 5000?! Did you know that if you squeeze its cheeks, you spells will be stronger?"
    • "I'm just about to head out to a Noroizaka666 concert! I hope I can get a signature from my favorite member!"
    • "D-Do you wanna have an Otama Tony j-jam session in my room? Now that I've got this, I've gotta play Simple and Demonic for you!" (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair[edit]

  • "That terrifying, violent giant Venus flytrap looks like THIS when it's small?! Otaku love these kinds of alternate versions. You know me well, don't you?"
    • "I want a giant one of these so I can control it and say 'Destroy them!' Huh, you don't know what that's from? You have much to learn, young otaku."
    • "You know, sometimes it's like you've got alternate versions too. It always gives me butterflies. You know that, right?!" (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie[edit]

  • "T-This is that cherry pie all the normies on Devilgram have been clambering after. You're always making sure I keep up with what's happening IRL. Thx."
    • "Last time it was Satan's turn to go grocery shopping, I asked him to get me a cherry devil crush. But then he said some cats wanted it so he gave it all to them! Can you believe it?!"
    • "This reminds me of that episode where Milkan cried because she baked a pie at the wrong temperature and made it go completely flat. What? You don't remember? This is bad. Quick, bring the cherry pie, we're watching anime in my room ASAP." (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy[edit]

  • "You want to play with Frenzy Fireworks with me?! When I'm with you, I feel like I'm some kind of extrovert normie."
    • "In the human world, there are fireworks shaped like characters, right? I hope they come to the Devildom too. Seeing Ruri Hana explode into the night sky of the Devildom... Incredible."
    • "Okay, let's light these... Then, um, afterward, could we maybe try these 'senko hanabi' fireworks? I always see them in anime when two characters' summer together is nearing its end... I want to do that with you." (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes[edit]

  • "Revelation Tomatoes? Why do you want to know my secrets? I guess I can tell you, my best friend, though. BUT! Don't tell anyone else!"
    • "I got hooked on thinking up finishing moves once and wrote them all down. I thought super tornado fist sounded cool, but now it makes me nauseous it's so cringe."
    • "You were in my dream the other day and for some reason, you kabedoned me. I thought I wanted to do it to you, but it also gave me butterflies. ...That was a good dream." (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?![edit]

  • "A Ghost balloon, huh? I don't hate them, but have some slightly unpleasant memories. But if we enjoy them together I can save over those old memories, so let's have some fun!"
    • "Let's say that Barbatos was theoretically afraid of these... Wouldn't it make you want to try them out? What do you think? Will you be my partner in crime?"
    • "If I was a normie I'd get you some kind of nifty Ghost Balloon-related gift... But hey, you understand that my gift is full of sincerity, right?" (Demon Voucher)

Give Your Heart to Candy![edit]

  • "Thank yooou! Is this to make me feel better after I epically failed at my gacha game? OMG! This Candy Heart is the best thing I've ever had! It tastes just as gentle as you!"
    • "I still can't believe it. It's like they knew exactly which card I wanted! Brb, I'm gonna do some pulls on someone else's phone."
    • "I feel way better now! Next time you fail at a gacha, I'll cheer YOU up. You look so nice when you smile, so come see me whenever you're down, regardless of if it's about a gacha." (Demon Voucher)

Jovial Gingerbread Men?![edit]

  • "A Jovial Gingerbread Man? Thx. You know, these guys have a habit of trying to run away. I'd hate for that to happen, since it's a present from you."
    • "I heard that these guys can turn giant and sometimes eat you. That happened once though and as soon as Lucifer started it down, it turned back. He's even feared in the World of Gingerbread."
    • "I usually hate this time of year, but with you around, it's not half bad. I'll prepare the bloody turkey and poison apple cider, so would you play normie with me?" (Demon Voucher)

Zombie Iguana[edit]

  • "Oh, this is that Zombie Iguana known for being cute but ugly. Thanks. This guy wasn't very popular when he was released, but it seems he has gained quite a bit of popularity since then."
    • "That's right, No. 2 was saying Lord Diavolo wants to go to Anidaemon. He heard they have a Zombie Iguana corner. Being a loyal customer, it is my time to shine!"
    • "W-What?! Why did you grab my hand all of a s-s-sudden?! Huh? It's a curse on the doll? What the?!?! But okay, I dig it...!" (Demon Voucher)

Relaxing Devil Bath Bombs[edit]

  • "Savonne is like this shop that's really famous for fancy bath products, right? Asmo has anything and everything they've ever sold. Who would've thought I'd ever be getting a normie gift like this!"
    • "Oh, that's right. Lately, they started selling Devil Bath Bombs with these mini figures inside them. I should get all of them and align the figures on the edge of the bathtub lolol."
    • "H-Hey, do you wanna come to my room today? No, it's not to play games or check my newest additions or so... It's more like, if I use this Devil Bath Bomb you gave me, I was thinking that maybe, if you get a whiff of its smell after I've taken a bath, your heart would skip a beat. You know, it's like one of those typical scenes." (Demon Voucher)

Hell Pancake Festival[edit]

  • "Huh? The Skyscraper Challenge? A Hell Pancake stacking contest? Otaku are busy. I don't care if it's heaven or hell, I don't have time to be stacking pancakes."
    • "Simeon told me the 'pan' part in pancakes comes from the word frying 'pan.' Did you know that the word pancake first appeared in a 15th century English document?"
    • "More importantly, I'm trying to draw Ruri-chan for this pancake art, but it's hard to get it just right. Rejoice, for I am appointing you as the captain of the Leviathan Cheerleading Squad! I'm counting on you, bestie!" (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Candy Apples[edit]

  • "Wow, these candy apples are perfect for Devilgram! You're really giving me these fancy things? Hehe, thanks! It's really helpful that I can eat it with one hand."
    • "By the way, did you know? Candy apples taste even better if you cool them in the fridge for an hour. Seiyu-chan, the heroine from the super popular sweets anime, Delicious, that just got renewed for a second season said that, so there's no mistake."
    • "Here, you can have this as thanks. Oh, and about that part that in Protector Devils you were having trouble with... I cleared only that middle stage, so do you want to finish the rest with me? I really want to see the moving ending with you." (Demon Voucher)

Multifaced Eye Masks[edit]

  • "What's with these Multifaced Eye Masks? I'm totally making a love-struck face! This is totally embarrassing! I have no idea if it's the eye mask or what, but still!"
    • "By the way, don't they say you can sleep well if you wear an eye mask? But don't you think boiling Belphie's fingernail dirt works better?"
    • "Grrr, stop playing with me. Now, you have to wear one as punishment. How about this one with upturned eyes? Wait... I might die of cuteness overload. Let's continue this in my room." (Demon Voucher)

Siren Sea Globe[edit]

  • "No way! I always wanted one of these... Now I can look into the Siren Sea anytime I want. TY!"
    • "If you're ever out swimming in the ocean, watch out for rip currents! One time Belphie got pulled away by one while he was sleeping on a floatie... Didn't seem him till a week later."
    • "By the way, watching fireworks on the sea shore is essential to the romantic development of characters in any young adult anime... I feel that you're such an important part of my youth, so... D-Do you want to go watch some fireworks with me?" (Demon Voucher)

Snow Ice Cream[edit]

  • "I know normies like to go to the expensive Demon Dazs ice cream shop to get some of this... This Snow Ice is legit cool in more ways than one since it makes snow fall over your head when you eat it."
    • "Hold on a sec here! Won't people laugh at me if I eat this normie ice cream? I can feel their cold stares now! ...Er, wait. That's the ice cream. I just need to calm down. Phew, relax..."
    • "This is great! I've never had any until now since I always hole up in my room. Maybe I was just saving eating some until I could have some with you. S-Still why is it so hot despite snow falling?!" (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Music Box[edit]

  • "Wait just a sec here! This is totally a Cursed Music Box that curses you if you interrupt its melody, right? While I totes appreciate the present, I'm about to watch a rerun episode of Ruri-chan that recaps season 1!
    • "Wait...haven't you heard this melody somewhere before? I could legit swear... I-I remember now! Satan was humming this melody in the kitchen the other day! This is the theme song to Mid-fall Murders!"
    • Ugh, but I would hate for you to get cursed since you're here with me. ...I'll just have to give up on watching the rerun! But I've been playing Devil's Army without any sleep for five nights in a row... If I listen to this could I sleep on you kne— Ah, it's nothing! Never mind! (Demon Voucher)

Opposite Biscuit?![edit]

  • "Is this an Opposite Biscuit? Doesn't it make you say the exact opposite of what you're feeling? I can't believe something so comical exists in the Devildom lol."
    • "Ugh, I remember one of those things even made me tell Mammon before that he didn't have to pay me back. That's definitely the fault of this Opposite Biscuit, right? That Mammon sure is the best big brother ever!"
    • "More importantly, I'm totes down in the dumps cause I thought you came to play some games with me. I didn't prepare at all for that and didn't want you to come. That's just proof I have zero interest in you. My mouth just moved on its own! Why am I acting tsundere?!" (Demon Voucher)

Catastrophic Illumination[edit]

  • "A Catastrophic Candle! This has some magic in it, right? All you need to do is light it! Hmmm, Roche-chan was talking about this on Frenzy Radio! I know all about this!"
    • "Looking at this blue flame is making me real sleepy... What kind of hypnotic magic is this...? You look like Belphie-tan... Not...! Hmm, is this in real-time? *yawn* I'm soooo drowsy..."
    • "Oh n-no... This pink flame is making me want to k-kiss you... W-w-wait up... Time out! This candle is gonna turn me into a normie going around kissing people! Uhh, I mean I only want to kiss you though. Not in a weird way! Or is it weird?! Ahhh, this is too much for a geek like me!" (Demon Voucher)

Super Soda Water[edit]

  • "Hey, this is Super Soda Water! This came with a copy of 'I'm Sometimes a Black Alpaca,' right? Super Soda Water and Super Spicy New Chips are a must when you're watching movies. Thanks!"
    • "Now that I think about it, isn't Mammon the mascot for this? I know he was trying to sell some with his signature on it to some lesser demons at a crazy price."
    • "I was just thinking of going to your room now to get you. How about watching a movie with me? I feel weird when you're not next to me. You make everything so much more fun when I'm with you." (Demon Voucher)

A Beckoning Black Cat Brings Good Fortune[edit]

  • "Whoa! It's the super divine Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain...! Legend says it boosts your multiplier on all your raffles just by holding it..."
    • "Huh?! Where'd this perfume bottle come from...? Isn't this the one that Asmo has been using recently? Did it come from Asmo's room...? Wait... Sucre Frenzy was doing a commercial for this brand. Maybe I'll borrow it for a little bit."
    • "Oh, look at that! I just got an e-mail, saying that I got tix to Chocolate Heartbreak's meet and greet event! Woo! I wanted to go with you too, so I applied for two tickets! Let's enjoy it together." (Demon Voucher)

Mont Blancs Full of Feelings[edit]

  • "Th-This is...! This is the pastry all the normies have been making for each other. A Mont Blanc of Desire. I'll know the feelings you've baked into it when I eat it... I never thought I'd receive one."
    • "W-What? You want to know where I've been going out alone... Well, you see... Satan invited me to take part in an anime song singing competition... If you'd like, we could go to karaoke together from now on."
    • "No way! You put so many wishes into this, like a date to Devil's Coast... These tears of joy aren't stopping...! If we go to the Devil's Coast, I'll do my best to be cool... W-We can take pictures and stuff at the beach. Would you like that?" (Demon Voucher)

Bring Forth Good Luck with a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath[edit]

  • "Thanks! This wreath really speaks to me as an otaku! Putting aside how random the actual thing is, this is pretty exciting!"
    • "Long ago, there was a small game console in the shape of a key holder that was all the rage in the human world. When I got that before, Luke looked at me with stars in his eyes. ...I'm sure you can guess what happened after that."
    • "Ooh! This is an ultra-rare Kami Modeler limited-edition Ruri-chan figure! Here, you can have it! You'll match with me now! Cool, right? ...Right?" (Demon Voucher)

Play the Soul's Song Record![edit]

  • "A Soul's Song Record?! My poor little heart, exposed for all to see?! ...But if it's you, I guess it's fine, lol. Come, peer into the depths of my soul!"
    • "I tried using one of these records to find out what Satan's favorite light novel was a while back. But even when I stopped the record I couldn't stop him from talking about it... I regret everything..."
    • "Actually, just seeing someone other than me next to you is enough to make me jealous you know?! I want to be your number one! I want to be by your side forever! ...H-How was that?! I said it right?!" (Demon Voucher)

Overcome Those Yucky Foods With Cursed Cutlery![edit]

  • "This is Cursed Cutlery! Are you telling me to get rid of any food I hate since I'm a hikikomori otaku?! Ugh... Well, Ruri-chan DID manage to eat some carrots despite hating them in season 1 episode 12..."
    • "I went to go eat with the guys from Purgatory Hall the other day, but I was a bit freaked out when Simeon suddenly felt lightheaded. I guess he got drunk off of some simmered behemoth Demonus. I don't think he dislikes it or anything, but I'm sure that that's Simeon's weakness."
    • "Hey now! This cutlery just brought WAAAAAY too much okra! There's no way I can finish this in one bite! In the anime, Azuki-tan pats Ruri-chan on the head after she finished her carrots. I guess I could try to eat this if you give me a reward later." (Demon Voucher)

In-game Apps[edit]

Dialogues said within various In-game Apps.


Selected for Home Screen[edit]

  • "Hm...me?"

Changing Outfits[edit]

  • "Is this okay?" (MAJOLISH 2)
  • "This makes me feel like a character out of a game. Good job!" (MAJOLISH 3)
  • "So, um...does this look good on me?"


Excellent Order[edit]

  • "W-Whoa! You made this?! F-For m-me?! Thanks..."

Very Good Order[edit]

  • "Thanks for coming all this way to deliver it! D-Do you want to join me?"

Good Order[edit]

  • "Thanks. Maybe I'll order something again."

Failed Order[edit]

  • "Oh... Uh... Right... Thanks."

Player's Birthday[edit]

Dialogues said on the Player's Birthday. All Surprise Guest interactions result in Perfect Sequences during birthdays.

Birthday App Screen[edit]

  • "Happy birthday! I know how we can celebrate your birthday! Time to sing karaoke ALL NIIIIGHT! Yeah!"

Surprise Guest[edit]

Battle Wins/Home Screen[edit]

  • "I wish thee fortune on the day of thine birth! Or...happy birthday? Right, that works."

Gifting the Player (said when gifting 30 Devil Points)[edit]

  • please add

Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "Today, you can borrow anything you want from my collection! You're totally happy now, right?!"

His Birthday[edit]

Dialogues said on Leviathan's Birthday, including birthday login bonuses.

Home Screen[edit]

  • "You probably don't care, but today is my birthday." (Birthday)

Login Bonuses[edit]

2021 Login[edit]

  • "Remember what day it is? Yup, my birthday! I'm ready to celebrate!"

2022 Login[edit]

  • "I won't lie. Nothing makes me happier on my birthdayday than celebrating with you."

2023 Login[edit]

  • "B-days are great! Celebrating with you is the best!"

2024 Login[edit]

  • "I'll never forget the happiness I felt today thanks to you."

Home Screen[edit]

Dialogues said on the Home Screen, both standard dialogues and those with unlocking requirements.

Standard Dialogues[edit]


  • "Hm? It's you." (Login 1)
  • "Do you actually like m... You know what? Never mind." (Login 2)
  • "I've been waiting for you to show up. There's this really good manga I thought I'd lend you!" (Login 3)
  • "So, do you actually like hanging around me? How about we play some games?" (Login 4)

Player Returns[edit]

  • "Ah, you're back." (You're back 1)
  • "Finally, you're back! Took you long enough!" (You're back 2)
  • "Welcome back. ...It's not what it looks like. I wasn't waiting for you!" (You're back 3)
  • "Hey, you're back! You know I get lonely when you're not around..." (You're back 4)
  • "You're finally back! I wanna go to Anidaemon so hurry up and get ready." (You're back 5)

He Returns[edit]

  • "Well, I'm back. ...Don't ask me where I was." (I'm back 1)
  • "I came back early so I could watch this anime that's about to start!" (I'm back 2)
  • "Hey, I bought a new game! Let's check it out!" (I'm back 3)
  • "I'm back! Were you actually waiting here for me?" (I'm back 4)

Touched by Player[edit]

  • "Whoa...! D-Don't touch me!" (Touch 1)
  • "H-Hey, quit it! I'm not used to people touching me, unless they're 2-dimensional!" (Touch 2)
  • "What the...hey! You wanna fight? Is that it?" (Touch 3)
  • "If you keep doing that, you're gonna...you're making me blush!" (Touch 4)
  • "Hm, that was a new sensation to me. Do it one more time?" (Touch 5)
  • "Come on, hang around a little longer. You don't mind, right?" (On the Clouds)

Idle Screen[edit]

  • "Eh? Are you ignoring me so I'll like you more?" (Inactive 1)
  • "*sigh* So bored. Sooo booored..."
  • "What was so important that you had to be away for so long?" (Inactive 3)
  • "Hey, give me some attention..." (Inactive 4)

Time of Day Interactions[edit]


(Dialogues between 5:00 - 12:00 local time.)

  • "*yawn* You know it's still morning, right?" (Morning)
  • "I was up all night last night gaming. So tired..." (AM Talk)

(Dialogues between 12:00 - 18:00 local time.)

  • "Finally, you're here. You know it's already past noon, right?"
  • "If you've got enough money to buy lunch, spend it on fan merchandise instead, am I right?" (Daytime Talk)

(Dialogues between 18:00 - 0:00 local time.)

  • "I figured you'd show up about now. Since it's evening and all." (Evening)
  • "Whoa. I spent the whole day watching anime... Scary..." (PM Talk)

(Dialogues between 0:00 - 5:00 local time.)

  • "There's something about being up late. It's exciting, you know?" (Night)
  • "Ooh, this season's best late-night anime is about to start!" (Night Talk)

Character Intros[edit]

  • "Man, if only I had Lucifer's power and influence..."
  • "I'm going to get the money I lent Mammon, and I need your help."
  • "Satan's appearance makes him seem like Mr. Perfect." (Intro 3)
  • "Asmo and I are brothers, so who decides that HE should get all the good parts of the gene pool?" (Intro 4)
  • "In manga, characters that eat all the time are funny, but with Beel, I don't find it funny at all..."
  • "Don't you think Belphie and I are a LITTLE too similar?" (Intro 6)
  • "I know Lord Diavolo thinks I'm just some worthless otaku." (Intro 7)
  • "Barbatos seems like he's always plotting and scheming. I don't like it..." (Intro 8)
  • "Luke? He's that Chihuahua guy, right? Always looking like a frightened dog."
  • "Simeon totally doesn't understand technology. What is he, an old man?"
  • "I like Solomon! We totally bonded over TSL!" (Intro 11)

Game Tips[edit]

  • "Hey, you've got something in Mail. You should go check it." (App 1)
  • "You'd better be going to this event thing. I mean, you totally are, right? Right?!" (App 3)
  • "Why aren't you reading the new posts on Devilgram?" (App 5)
  • "Using Nightmare is likely to make thee more powerful..." (App 9)
  • "There's something I really want at Akuzon. C'mon let's go." (App 10)
  • "Majolish... Do you think they'd let someone like me in?" (App 12)
  • "How could you forget about To Do? What a waste."
  • "Running out of money? Then you should pick up some shifts at work."
  • "Looks like someone called you. You aren't curious?"
  • "You can go to Contacts and power up your cards. Henry TOTALLY would!"
  • "Hey, you've got an unread message. You know, it's not cool to ignore those!"
  • "Why aren't you reading the new posts on Devilgram?"
  • "Don't you think it's about time you worked on some tasks?"

App Deleted[edit]

  • "No way..."
  • "Okay, I'll go cast Raise on that app for you. YOU'RE WELCOME."
  • "Wh...? Why'd you delete that?!"

Game Anniversary[edit]

  • "You make little old otaku me even just a little bit braver and brighter. I stan you so much, I swear!" (Anniversary)

VIP-Only Dialogues[edit]

  • "I don't know why, but I enjoy being around you."
  • "Remember, we're best friends! And don't you try to deny it!"
  • "So like...w-we're, um...f-friends, right?"

Unlockable Dialogues[edit]

Moving Pictures[edit]

Handmade Present![edit]
Standard Art[edit]
  • "I made a game for Lord Diavolo."
  • "I don't know if he'll like it, but do you want to try it out?"
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "Ah, this is the best part!"
  • "Listen to my song!"
  • "Huh? You're actually keeping up with my singing!"
  • "But I'm not about to let you win!"
  • "Ahh, we sound so good when we harmonize!"
  • "This always reminds me of anime and makes me teary-eyed."
  • "N-Nani?! You know how to dance like an otaku?!"
  • "I-I can't let this chance go. I'm doing it too!"
  • "Everyone, join in!"
  • "I hope you're enjoying every ounce of my performance!"
Standard Art[edit]
  • "It liiiiiiiives! Well? What do you think? Cool, huh?!"
  • "Yep, there's something really satisfying about a giant goldfish made of blocks showing up out of nowhere, lol."
  • "...Okay? Are you ready? I'm gonna say it!"
  • "Please go with me to TTWF!"
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "There's going to be dancing at the end of the event tomorrow, so..."
  • "Um, I wanted to practice asking you to dance with me today so that I could look cool doing it tomorrow."
  • "...Okay. Here goes."
  • "M-May I have this dance?"
  • "...Yeah, no, that's actually kind of embarrassing. My voice won't stop shaking."
  • "Maybe it'll go better tomorrow?"
  • "...No, I should keep trying until I get it right."
  • "Just don't expect too much, okay?"
  • "That was no good?! That took a lot of courage, you know!"
  • "I-I-I was hoping you'd g-grant me the honor of a d-dance with..."
  • "Is this some kind of punishment for pretending to be a normie?!"
  • "That's okay, this is just practice. The real thing will be a lot better! For sure!"
The World's Meekest Hero[edit]
Standard Art[edit]
  • "Nobody will realize it's me under here, and nothing could ever hurt me in this!"
  • "This is so COOL!"
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "No, I've already made up my mind to take over from you as the next hero."
  • "I can't afford to be a coward anymore!"
  • "I did it! And I didn't drop the sword or anything!"
  • "But... I wonder if I can actually do it when the real monsters show up?"
  • "I wonder if I can actually do it when the real monsters show up?"
  • "I'm kind of nervous"
  • "But I guess I've got no choice!"
  • "I did it..."
  • "I'll use it the instant the monsters show up!"
  • "But will it work? What'll I do if it fizzles...?"
Operation Makeover[edit]
Standard Art[edit]
  • please add
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • please add

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