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Long Hu Love Devilgram.png
Long Hu Love
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: Long Hu Love
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"You've done a good job c..."

MC is with Belphegor in the attic. They are waiting for him to finish cleaning. He shows them a fan he got from the Long Hu Tumbling Troupe that picks up and collects all the dust and dirt in the room with a single wave. Belphie is thinking about going back to the Long Hu Tumbling Troupe festival to look at some other trinkets and invites MC to come with him.

"Cotton candy is so sweet..."

At the festival, Belphegor and MC look at some plates. Belphie ends up buying a plate with a painting of a dragon and gold detailing on it for himself. If MC determines the plate is food-safe, he also buys one for Beelzebub. Belphie and MC visit some other stalls so Belphie can buy other things and Belphie eventually notices a cotton candy stall. The cotton candy being sold looks like a big, colorful flower. He also notices some instruments that are unfamiliar to him. MC is able to choose what they go to see. At the instrument stall, Belphie picks up a two-stringed Long Hu violin and comments that the music is making him feel sleepy. At the cotton candy stall, Belphie buys one for them to share as the cotton candy is bigger than MC's head.

"Isn't it perfect for annoying..."

As Belphegor and MC prepare to leave the festival, Belphie notices a stall that they haven't visited yet. If MC says that it looks sketchy then Belphie replies that sketchy places have the coolest stuff. The stall features many rare items, such as a crystal lantern decorated with intricate ornaments. Belphie decides to buy it.

"I also bought that lantern..."

Belphegor and MC return home to the attic. Belphie lights the lantern he bought. At first, he is underwhelmed and remarks that the crystal lantern looks like any other lantern. As he turns the fire up a little more, a crested ibis materializes out of light and flies out of the lantern. He touches the lantern again and this time a panda comes out. Belphie wonders aloud if the lantern can make a dragon or tiger appear as he touches it a third time. To his surprise, his request is granted. As a test, Belphie asks for a cat and the lantern creates a cat, so Belphie determines that the lantern can create shapes out of light and someone is able to control what comes out by imagining something when they touch the surface. As Belphie and MC experiment more, they determine that the lantern can also create people and symbolize feelings of romance.

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