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This page lists all chats in Obey Me! sent to MC by Luke. For phone calls from Luke, see Luke's Calls.

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Making Up Is Hard to Do Lesson 5-10
Permission From the "Adult" Lesson 49-19
A Job From Michael Devilgram A Job From Michael
Barbatos's Holiday 1-2 Happy Birthday! Dear Barbatos '21 1-8, 1-19

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Let's Go to the Amusement Park! Day 194
Let's Play Mononoke Land! 3 Day 247
Scary Dreams Day 270
Luke's Pinch Day 287
Luke's Acting Strange 2 Day 291
Satan's Latte Art 4 Day 296
Do It for the Devilgram 2CG 1 Day 300
Limited-Time Temptation Day 309
Praise Day 324
Shopping List Day 341
An Unexpected Failure Day 360
Luke's Dream Day 366
Greenery for the Room Day 385
Luke and the Eye Drops Day 397
A Present Day 428
Stuffed Toy 2 Day 444
Broken Mug Day 458
A Bouquet for You Day 464
I'm Not a Child Day 509
Picnic Food Ideas Day 532
A Missing Item Day 552
ABC Word Chain 3 Day 567
Protect Simeon! Day 587
Luke's Troubles Day 606
A Flower by Any Name Day 627
Angry Luke Day 646
Luke, Home Alone 3 Day 650
Advice for Luke 1 Day 661
Tiny Life in the Devildom Day 669
Luke's Dream Day 691
The Crying Ghost Day 695
The RAD Cleanup Plan 5 Day 723
Sending Flowers Day 730
Luke's Challenge 1 Day 754
Not Sure How to RespondCG 1 Day 777
Shopping List Blues 1 Day 795
A Change of Pace 1 Day 806
Come to Mononoke Land! Day 820
Sparkly Stickers Day 827
Winner Winner, Diavolo Dinner? Day 849
Toys From the Human World Day 857
The Laundry Machine 2 Day 876
The Great Feline Detective Day 924
Cheddar Day 943
Pay It Forward Day 949
Mishap at the Picnic Day 956
Who Did It? 2 Day 969
Which to Choose? Day 984
Who Is It? 10 Day 1,014
A Secret Favor Day 1,026
Mammon Goes Viral 2 Day 1,043
Character BentoCG 1 Day 1,047
Moe Moe Café 1 Day 1,070
Regular Customer Day 1,100
A Very Angry Luke Day 1,102
Anime Adaptation 1 Day 1,116
Kids' Meals 4 Day 1,152
Don't Stay Up Too Late 1 Day 1,194
Burger Craving Day 1,220
Worried About Falling Asleep Day 1,230

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Let's Grow Some Plants! Plants Are My Forte
About the Hand Cream... Hanging Out at Home
My Role Model Graceful Transformation?!
Up All Night Long! Pajama Party Night
I Want to Get Better Luke's New Hobby
If You Give an Angel a Gemstone Uses for Gemstones
Luke's Wake-up Call Let's Play a Quirky Game
A Grown-Up Party Luke's Special Suit
A Limited-Time Treat? A Gift From the Cold Snap
Don't Worry A-Boing It! Catch That Bunny!
Fully Energized! An Angel's Smile
A Drive For Two Luke's All Grown Up
The Next Gig Part-Timer Struggles
What Shall I Make Next? The View From Within
Memories from TTWF A Heartfelt Invitation
A Special Watch Party Accident-Turned-Sleepover
Luke's Gratitude Helping Out Is Tough!
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