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Our Story's Ending
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 7
Card: Our Story's Ending
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"I want to buy one."

Satan and MC are heading to a bookshop. Satan was recently scolded by Leviathan for slowing down the internet with his ebook downloads, so he decided to buy a physical copy of the book he wants to read. In the bookshop, he quickly finds the book, and helps MC choose a book for themself. Depending on their choice, he recommends them a book they might like, and wants to buy it for MC as a thank you gift for coming with him. They head to the register, but a display of new releases piques his interest. As he looks through them, he notices a book that promises to make everyone cry on the cover. He checks it out, curious. Then he decides to buy it too.

"I'd fall asleep."

Back in the library of the House of Lamentation, Satan brings tea and biscuits for himself and MC. They both start reading their books. If MC speaks up about how nice it is, Satan agrees, and expresses that simply being in the same room with MC makes him happy. If MC doesn't speak up, he starts feeling strange in the silence, and suspects the constant noise his brothers typically make has caused him to feel weird when it's quiet. He asks MC how they like their book, and offers to lend them more books by the same author. He tells them as well that he still has many books he wants to recommend to them. He himself is already halfway through his book, and it's even better than he expected. Then both of them resume their reading.

"Such beautiful tears!"

Satan finishes his book when MC is only halfway through theirs. Depending on MC's choice, he either tells them to finish their book at their own pace, or explains that he rushed through the last part of his own book, as he was curious about the ending. He offers MC tea, but the pot has cooled down. He then expresses concern whether MC is having fun on such a date when all they do is read. If MC loves it, he wants to spend more dates with them reading. If they like it every once in a while, he wants to spend time getting to know their hobbies, too. He starts reading the book that promises to make the reader cry, and he indeed starts crying. He tries to deny it, as it's embarrassing and he doesn't want to show himself like that, but is surprised that the book actually managed to make him cry.

"If you're not happy, chan..."

Satan tells MC the plot of the book: it's a tragic love story of a human and a fairy who try to find a way to stay together, but are torn apart. He relates to the story, as it reminds him of his own relationship with MC. He asks MC if they ever think of that; that at some point they may have to part. As he doesn't expect it to happen in the near future, though, he doesn't want to dwell on it too much, and asks MC for a hug instead. If they hug him, he expresses that he sometimes worries that they will disappear. They can then kiss him, or promise him that they're not going anywhere. When Satan wishes that the book had a happy ending, MC can either prefer the tragic ending, or suggest making their own happy ending.

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