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The Devildom Times "brings you the latest news on the goings-on in the Devildom." Mephistopheles mentioned in Lesson 21-3 (NB) that the Devildom Times is the "greatest media empire in all the Devildom," and that it was founded by his family. Diavolo was also interviewed once for an article in the newspaper titled: "Do Seven Brothers Hold the Key to Harmony between the Three Worlds?" in the chat Too Much Information?.

The Devildom Times is similar to RAD News, in that issues are released as images via official Obey Me! social accounts, such as twitter and instagram. The first issue released around the release of Nightbringer,which covered several questions about Obey Me! Nightbringer that were answered by the game's developers. The second and third issues released much later during the one-year anniversary, and had the characters answer questions about the release of the Anniversary and All the Feels songs.


Issue 1[edit]

Issue 2[edit]

Issue 3[edit]

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