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Special Agent Diavolo Devilgram.png
Special Agent Diavolo
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 3
Diavolo Lv. 5
Card: Special Agent Diavolo
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Can you do your work?"

Set after Fly Like a Spy. Lucifer decides to send Diavolo on his first mission with MC and Satan. Barbatos is concerned and asks Diavolo if he's absolutely sure, but Diavolo is thrilled. He believes that he's prepared, as he's been watching spy movies. Lucifer doesn't approve of learning from movies, but vouches for Diavolo's skills as he observed his training. Diavolo expresses that he's been feeling much less pressure now that he's not responsible for a company and its employees anymore. Lucifer explains the mission: to apprehend a dangerous deserter from an intelligence agency.

"Amazing insight."

Diavolo, Satan, and MC check out the building that their target is staying in. They knock on his door, but there's no answer. Diavolo, however, notices the AC running as well as the smell of fresh coffee, meaning that the target is inside. Since the target doesn't open the door, Satan decides that they have to force their way inside.

"My heart is pounding."

Diavolo and Satan prepare to break down the door. Satan also prepares a rope to tie up the target. However, as soon as they break in they realize that their target has just escaped through the back door. They run after him.

"The intellectual duo!"

During the chase, Satan, MC, and Diavolo split up to surround the target. Once they've circled the target, Diavolo knocks him out. This impresses Satan, who wonders why Diavolo needed bodyguards if he knew martial arts. After the missions is completed, the three talk about how things went. Diavolo says he had a lot of fun, despite the challenge. He also says that the three of them make a good team and calls Satan his partner, which Satan accepts.

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