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Three Wishes Devilgram.png
Three Wishes
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: Three Wishes
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Looks like you got yourself a nice..."

Belphegor has been summoned by MC accidentally after they rubbed a magic lamp, forging a pact between them. As Belphie is bound to the lamp, he now has to grant three of MC's wishes.

"Stop sleepin'!"

Belphegor warns MC that they can't wish for unlimited wishes and goes on a monologue about how he already knows what MC will wish for (either money, love, power, or prestige) but he gives MC some time to think about it. He falls asleep while waiting for MC's answer and wakes up to grant their wishes, but not before lamenting that he's fed up with being a genie and wishes to be free.

"I haven't felt so full in..."

MC's first wish was for a feast for the brothers as a sign of appreciation for taking care of them. Belphegor wonders about the wish, asking if that was the best choice as MC didn't benefit from it. He then asks MC for their second wish and they wish for Belphegor to be free.

"That was soooo moving!"

Belphegor is shocked at MC's choice, confused as to why they would help him as well as waste their last wish. After his initial shock, he smiles and expresses happiness at no longer having to grant wishes anymore. He is still concerned about MC not being able to get their third wish, and asks if he can do anything for MC. MC can choose to kiss, hug, or hold Belphegor's hand, and afterwards, he states that he'll stay by MC's side, doing his best to ensure their happiness.

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