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Too Good to Be True Devilgram.png
Too Good to Be True
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: Too Good to Be True
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"That's your plan?"

Asmodeus approaches MC in the House of Lamentation, asking for a minute of their time. He says he has something to ask, then suddenly asks if MC is willing to marry him. If they agree on spot, he's surprised, but overjoyed, and wishes he proposed for real. If not, he moves right away to an explanation, and reveals he's not actually proposing. Ever since his song "Death in Your Presence" became popular, he's had many rabid, jealous fans. These fans get jealous and spread rumors about him, and Asmo is at his wits end. That's when he realized he could simply marry MC!

"Not even a fake one!"

After explaining about his fans, Asmodeus elaborates on the finer details. He has 2 Devilgram accounts: one private account, and one official music account. He plans to announce the fake marriage on his music account, and share wedding photos. If MC tells Asmodeus it's a bad idea, he tells them it's the only option, and that his life is in danger, pleading for help. He promises the photos will be so gorgeous no-one will realize they are fake. If MC reluctantly agrees to help, he tells them he loves them.

"No lyin'!"

Asmodeus changes into the most wedding-ish outfit he could find. He prepared an outfit for MC too: a white one that seemed like something people would wear for a wedding. Once MC changes, he compliments how good they look, and his own sense of style. The next step is wedding rings. He puts one onto MC's finger, swearing to love them as long as he lives. If MC points out it wasn't necessary, he explains that if you go for something, then you should not only do it half-way. If MC actually returns the oath, he's stunned by the confession. It makes him happy, but he doesn't want to ask if MC was serious. He admits, though, that this proposal isn't how he'd propose if he was proposing for real.

"You got more fans."

Asmodeus takes MC to the planetarium, and sets up a camera with a timer for photos. However, the photos don't turn out good, and he claims he looks awkward. MC can choose to hug him, or to kiss his cheek to make the photos believable, and this makes them look like true newlyweds. He wishes it was an actual wedding, and confesses that he'd want to marry MC someday, but only once he feels that he can make them happy. He posts the photos with an announcement. The next day, it turns out that his plans backfired, and instead of losing fans, he's gaining even more, and panics that his career will be over once they find out that the marriage was fake. But he has an idea to fix this: marry MC for real this time.

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