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Too Many Choices Devilgram.png
Too Many Choices
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 3
Satan Lv. 5
Card: Too Many Choices
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Still dressed like that?"

Lucifer stops MC in the hallway. MC is concerned why he's in his demon form and if something happened, but he calms them down that it's just for aesthetic purposes because of the party on the night after Halloween. He invites MC to the party, but before they can reply, Satan comes up and declares that MC is going with him. They start arguing who goes with MC.

"What's with that choice?"

Satan and Lucifer agree that the one to make the choice is MC. They can then choose one of them or suggest going all together. If MC chooses one of them, the other one assumes they chose out of pity and insists on tagging along. Then the two start arguing which costume, prepared by Satan or by Lucifer, MC is going to wear - and MC can choose again one of them or to combine the two outfits and then goes to change. If they choose to combine the outfits, both demons are disheartened at first but once MC changes, they're surprised it actually looks good.

"You two look solemn."

The streets of the town are crowded, so Lucifer and Satan want to hold MC by the hand, so they don't get lost. MC can choose one of them or both - if MC chooses both, they're exasperated and disappointed. Satan notices candy being sold and goes to buy some, Lucifer brings MC chocolate. MC has to choose again which treat they want, with the same three options.

"Wanna stay away from y..."

Satan and Lucifer continue to press MC to choose as each wants to go another way and MC is to choose the direction, but MC can either give up and say that either is fine or get angry and tell them to knock it off. They demand MC to choose who they go with. MC can choose one of them - the other one gives up and leaves the couple alone. A romantic scene with the chosen demon follows and MC can go for a kiss. MC can choose neither of them as well. After initial surprise, they admit they weren't a pleasant company and continued to force MC to choose. Lucifer apologises to MC and Satan offers him a "truce" so they can stop bickering and enjoy Halloween together with MC.

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