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What Makes Him Smile
Intimacy: Diavolo Lv. 5
Card: What Makes Him Smile
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Hey, where's my invite?"

Diavolo asks Barbatos to grab the devil hoodie hanging on a rack in Diavolo's room. Barbatos says it suits him well, and Diavolo says its hard for him to tell, as he does not wear casual clothing much. MC comes in, having been called by Diavolo, and he asks them what they think of it. The hoodie is a new item from Wersace, which Diavolo reveals he is to be the brand ambassador for, so he had been sent the hoodie as a sample. Diavolo suggests items for MC to wear, like a hair accessory of the Three-Legged Crow mascot characters. He puts the hair pin on MC.

"Lord Diavolo must have a pho..."

Diavolo asks MC to look in the mirror, saying that the hair pin is a new item from the season's new collection. He reveals that Three-Legged Crow is doing a collaboration with Wersace, the season's theme being "Friendship with Humans," and he had asked MC to come over to get their opinions. Barbatos asks Diavolo if he'd like to bring MC along to the photoshoot at the castle gazebo, which they then head to.

"Diavolo can pull off any look."

During the photoshoot, Barbatos asks what MC thinks of Diavolo being a model. They can either approve of his professionalism or say they are surprised he accepted a modeling job. When saying they are surprised, Barbatos says that Diavolo was moved by the season's theme; when saying they approve, Barbatos says he thinks so, too, and that one of Diavolo's many talents is presenting himself in an appealing way. Diavolo then calls for a break, where Barbatos tells him he seemed to be struggling near the end. Diavolo says it's because the collaboration items are cute, so he isn't sure how to handle them. Diavolo asks what MC thinks.

"Get the man some jewel..."

Upon being asked what MC thinks, they can either suggest a different place, say Diavolo needs to smile more, or that his smile is unnatural. If they say his smile is unnatural, he agrees; although he likes cute things, he believes they don't suit him. Barbatos disagrees, saying that rather they do not fit the castle's atmosphere. They then move the photoshoot to a new place, and the photos turn out better, as Diavolo says that his smile is more natural when talking with MC. He suggests that MC join the photoshoot with him, where they can either accept or refuse.

After the photoshoot, Diavolo and MC have a meal at Ristorante Six. He says that he was happy with the photos, and that he still has a tie and a hair accessory from the collaboration, wanting to give one to MC. He also gives them a designer ring. MC can say that they couldn't accept something so expensive, ask if it's the same ring he wore for the photoshoot, or say that the items are lovely. If they say they're lovely, he puts the ring on their finger and thanks them for the good time.

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