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A Brief Respite Devilgram.png
A Brief Respite
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Card: A Brief Respite
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Loosen up a bit, Lucifer!"

It is the last day of the brothers' vacation. Lucifer watches as his younger brothers make plans for the day and comments on how much energy they always have. MC either drags Lucifer into the water with them or the two decide if they want to share a drink together.

"I want to go on the cabin cr..."

On the beach, Lucifer watches his brothers play and then tells MC that he's remembered that there is something he has to show them. The something is his cabin cruiser and he offers to take MC for a ride. As Lucifer drives, MC can either comment on how hot he looks or ask him questions about the boat. If they ask him about the boat, then MC gets the opportunity to try driving the boat themselves.

"I wish you had invited me."

Lucifer and MC finally arrive at their destination. They are in the middle of the ocean, but in a place where Diavolo's magic only barely reaches. Lucifer shows MC the horizon where darkness spreads beyond it as if someone drew a clear line. The line is where Diavolo's magic stops. Lucifer also tells MC that the water here is only about two meters deep, but full of Devildom coral reefs with lots of tropical fish and no predators. As the waves here are gentle, Lucifer suggests that they go for a swim.

"This is quite the fun vacat..."

As Lucifer peacefully floats in the water, MC can join him, or pretend to drown. If they pretend to drown, Lucifer and MC end up splashing each other with water. After that, Lucifer suggests that they go diving to look at some fish. If MC agrees, he shows them some species of fish, otherwise, the two simply float together in the water. After some time, Lucifer asks MC if they want to continue floating or if they want to get back onto the cabin cruiser for another ride. After MC makes their choice, Lucifer tells them how happy he is spending time together.

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