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A Chill Furry Movie Date Devilgram.png
A Chill Furry Movie Date
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: A Chill Furry Movie Date
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Did Belphegor also look like me?"

Belphegor enters MC's room and asks if they're free to watch a show. When MC looks at him funny, Belphegor notices that he's sprouted ears and a tail. If MC calls him adorable, he brushes it off but says it's nice to see them happy. Belphegor is confused why MC hasn't transformed. He wonders if he's still under the effects of Solomon's lie detector juice. After a phone call with Solomon, Belphegor learns that the juice affected him more than the others and that he'll likely turn back to normal tomorrow. MC suggests he look for a cure or tell some secrets. Belphegor can't be bothered, he's fine with the animal form. He asks again if MC wants to watch something.

"Furries are... Epic!"

Belphegor wants to watch "Fiend Slayer the Movie: Finite Train" with MC. He needs to borrow it from Leviathan first, and asks MC to come along with him. Belphegor thinks MC has a better chance of borrowing it since Leviathan is soft on them. The two go to Leviathan's room, who is extremely excited to see Belphegor as a furry. Leviathan agrees if MC calls him cute, but Belphegor is not amused. Leviathan lends them the movie and the two leave the room. Belphegor is thankful that MC came along, and he says he's happy that they like his furry form.

"I've seen that movie too."

Back in MC's room, Belphegor brings snacks and drinks for the movie. If MC brought snacks too, he thanks them and says they have more flavors to enjoy. The movie starts, and Belphegor says that he's glad he decided not to watch it in the theatre. He falls asleep easily in movie theaters, and watching them at home means he can rewind the parts that he missed. Plus he's happy to get to spend time with MC. The two run out of snacks, and MC can either feed him the last piece of popcorn or offer to get more from the kitchen.

"Watch it properly!"

While watching the movie, Belphegor notices MC staring at his ears. If MC asks to touch them, he enjoys it and tells them not to stop. The movie ends, and Belphegor says he couldn't concentrate with MC staring at them. He decides to tickle them as payback. Afterwards, he asks to spend the night. But he isn't sleepy yet, and asks what MC wants to do. If MC asks to touch his tail, he can't say no to their face and starts to fall asleep. MC can either let him fall asleep while they stroke his tail or make him go to his own room. If MC asks for a kiss, Belphegor can't get enough and confesses his growing love for them. Telling the truth makes Belphegor's furry form disappear for a moment. He says MC is free to stare at his ears and tail if it makes them happy.

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