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A Costume Party Devilgram.png
A Costume Party
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Card: A Costume Party
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"I sense cat ears!"

Mammon barges into MC's room, wishing them a "Happy Halloween!" suddenly. MC can choose to ask him to knock before entering their room or ask why he’s wearing cat ears. Mammon tells them it's Halloween and asks what MC thinks of the ears. If MC chooses to tell him the ears are cute, Mammon gets embarrassed and tells MC not to stroke them, before changing his mind and allowing a bit of stroking. Mammon explains that RAD is holding a costume party and insists MC dress up and attend with him. He has even gotten MC a matching costume with cat ears.

"Hey, a Mammon cat."

At the party, Mammon is excited, declaring the party "jumping" before realising suddenly, that the venue is pretty crowded. Mammon brings up the matching costumes and MC can either say they are glad to match or ask if Mammon is embarrassed. A flustered Mammon is taken aback and tells them if they are okay with the costumes he does not mind but decides they should walk a little apart. He then realizes he does not want to be separated from MC after all. Asmodeus appears with Belphegor suddenly. It turns out the RAD party is the most popular party so Asmodeus chose to attend it. He suddenly realizes MC and Mammon are wearing similar costumes and ask if they are matching costumes. Mammon, flustered, admits they are matching costumes.

"Don't forget preparations..."

Asmodeus asks Mammon why he is so bashful and confesses to being jealous of them. He then asks MC if they want to change clothes to wear matching costumes with him instead. Belphegor interjects and asks MC if they would prefer to match him instead. Angry, Mammon says that is out of the question. Asmo complains as Mammon was embarrassed to wear the same thing as MC after all but Mammon denies this. Belphegor then notes the dance floor is opening up and Mammon quickly invites MC to dance with him to escape his brothers and asks for MC's hand. MC can choose to dance close to Mammon. A flustered Mammon will try to tell them not to stick so close before asking them to hold on tight to him. Asmo and Belphie also ask MC to dance with them too but Mammon chases them away, saying MC is his, which makes them jealous. Mammon then takes MC away from the party.

"Let's match!"

After running for a bit, Mammon brings them to a stop outside. Unhappy, he decided it was a poor decision to ask MC to dress up, as he felt everyone was staring at MC and he cannot handle the idea, saying MC is supposed to be his. Mammon admits he does not want anyone else to steal MC away. Here, MC can comfort him. Mammon then tells them he does not want to go back to the party as he is too conscious of others staring at MC and this makes it hard for him to enjoy the party. He realizes they can still hear the music from outside and asks MC to just dance with him in the garden. If MC agrees, Mammon asks them to come closer and hold onto him. MC can then choose to kiss him Mammon admits he cannot stop as he wants to kiss MC so much and warns MC to be prepared.

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