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A Flower in Your Hair
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Card: A Flower in Your Hair
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Is Lucifer having fun?"

While watching cherry blossoms, the brothers are playing but they find that Mammon was cheating with rigged dice which evolves into an argument. Lucifer is tired of everyone's unruly behaviour as he expected a quiet occasion. He wanted to look at cherry blossoms in peace - especially considering that the view is so beautiful.

"My money sense is ting..."

Lucifer is captivated by the view of petals scattering in the wind - it gives him a bit of melancholy, the magic of the flower is pleasant as well, so he's feeling at ease as he never felt before. He's delighted by a petal that has fallen into his glass of Demonus. He mentions that in one of the nearby towns cherry blossoms are eaten salted as are believed to help detoxify and prevent hangovers. He tells MC that he found something interesting but better if Beel didn't hear about it.

"My food sense is tingli..."

Lucifer gives MC something he bought for them - it's sakura mochi. MC tries it and can choose if they like the taste. If they do he's glad to see their smile as they eat. If they don't like it, it only piques his interest more. In both cases he asks MC for a bite of the mochi as he's curious how the dessert tastes. MC can either give him a bit or feed him. After he tries the mochi, he finds the flavour unique and peculiar but he likes it.

"Prepare to annoy."

After MC and Lucifer have finished the mochi, he's feeling even calmer - and tranquil to the point he feels like nothing could possibly anger him. MC can either tease him, that he'll definitely get angry, or tickle him to test his patience, which makes him embarrassed. Once MC stops, Lucifer reflects that cherry blossoms last only for a short while. He puts a few petals into MC's hair and claims it suits them. He notes that MC might be tired of sitting on the picnic sheet and invites them to lean against him. If they don't, he tells them to at least stretch their legs to avoid cramps. He compares MC to the cherry blossoms - delicate and fleeting, to which MC can ask him for a kiss. He considers planting cherry trees at the House of Lamentation but drops the idea upon realising that it'd mean mischief opportunities for his brothers.

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