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A Jealous Christmas
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 7
Card: A Jealous Christmas
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Get out of my video!"

MC visits Leviathan in his room. He's frustrated and bitter that it's Christmas - the worst day in the year. He complains that the human world holiday not only started being celebrated, but started being celebrated without the context of family and became a day for couples to show off. Levi is so jealous that he wants to start chaos in Devilgram by downvoting all Christmas videos and photos. He won't leave any nasty comments but he can't help but want to punish others for the happiness he can't experience.

"Solo Christmas? Can I e..."

Levi is bitter that he spends Christmas all alone, watching DevilTube with a cup of noodles - so he plans on trolling on the internet. He even has a slogan for himself: Merry Crymas. MC can attempt to reassure Levi but he rejects it as he doesn't want to allow himself to be happy. Levi says that if MC is going to stay with him, they're going to have a horrible Christmas too. However, they are welcome to join his vendetta.

"Life truly is nothing b..."

Leviathan tells MC that his grudge has lasted for hundreds of years, so he's not going to let it go. He wants to start flame wars on the internet and offers MC to join him. If MC tells him they don't like that, he admits that he got banned for a week last time. Another suggestion of Levi's is to watch the programme he always watches during Christmas: a 24-hour stream of burning logs. If MC wants to watch the logs burning, Levi wants to watch it wrapped in a blanket to feel cozy - which gives MC a choice to suggest using one blanket and snuggling. If MC isn't interested in burning logs, they move to the last scene where they can either leave or ask Levi out. Levi tries to resist the temptation but in the end agrees. If MC just leaves, he just follows them.

"Hey, lemme come over!"

Leviathan and MC spend their Christmas in the town. If teased that he's excited, Levi denies it, but he's so overjoyed that he stops mid-sentence to check out the cookies displayed. He wants to hold MC's hand as well. Levi complains about the cold and MC has a choice to offer him their scarf. Levi gets flustered, but accepts because it reminds him of anime. Levi also suggests exchanging presents with MC. MC can either reassure Levi that it's enough just to be with him; or choose matching gifts (either matching gloves or Santa dolls). Levi also spots a Christmas tree and makes a selfie with MC which he uploads it to Devilgram. If MC kisses him for the photo he sets it as his background picture on his D.D.D. too. Levi claims he now loves Christmas and needs a new slogan.

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