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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"How does this work?"

The story begins in an alternate universe where MC and Beelzebub have been turned into puppets. The two are looking for Simeon the Sorcerer so they can turn back into humans. Beelzebub asks MC if they're tired, and they decide to buy gelato or sausages from a nearby stand. Beelzebub is sad that eating isn't as satisfying because his appetite is reduced. MC promises they'll find Simeon and turn back to normal. Suddenly, a flier for a puppet show circus blows by. Beelzebub wonders if Simeon might be involved.

"I'm sure this would sell!"

At the circus, Beelzebub notices that the puppets on strings are transformed humans like them. After the show, Beelzebub and MC decide to try out for the circus to investigate. The two make it to the practical exam where they have to demonstrate a skill they're good at. Beelzebub decides to walk the tightrope, and MC can either juggle or do tricks on a trampoline. They both succeed, but someone overhears them talking about Simeon the Sorcerer.

"As you'd expect of them."

Solomon and Luke appear, asking Beelzebub and MC what their relationship to Simeon is. Beelzebub explains their situation, and Solomon says they were also turned into puppets by Simeon. However, they're grateful that Simeon turned them into puppets. They used to be human performers, and now their new bodies never get tired. Solomon suggests Beelzebub and MC give up their humanity and live as puppets forever, but Beelzebub refuses. Beelzebub and MC decide to watch the rest of their performance. There they realize that Luke and Solomon are truly happy performing as puppets.

"To each their own."

Beelzebub congratulations Luke and Solomon on their performance, saying he now understands their calling. But he doesn't want to walk the same path as them, and MC agrees. Solomon and Luke are disappointed, but they understand. They tell Beelzebub that they don’t know Simeon's exact whereabouts, but his hometown is in the north. After saying goodbye, Beelzebub and MC reflect on the day. Beelzebub thanks MC for sticking with him, and MC has the option to kiss or hug him. Beelzebub promises to regain their humanity so they can hug or kiss again as humans.

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