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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"Maybe they're nervous?"

Leviathan, Mammon, and Asmodeus are in the garden putting on some kind of performance with some lepuses. Leviathan has a water-type, Mammon has a fire-type, and Asmodeus has a lapis lepus, which is a gem-type he has named Jewel. They are preparing for their lepus projects, which MC has already completed. Lucifer is also preparing, but he is in the backyard. Lucifer was assigned a tonitrus lepus, which is a lightning-type. MC goes to find Lucifer and as it turns out, Lucifer and his lepus do not get along. The lepus refuses to obey Lucifer and instead chooses to strike him with lightning. While Lucifer is physically uninjured, he is embarrassed that MC has seen him.

"Pets need names, lol."

Lucifer is disappointed that he has not bonded with his lepus because the final presentation is approaching, so MC offers to help. At first, Lucifer refuses, but MC insists. Lucifer takes the lepus into his room where he will demonstrate the nature of their relationship to MC in order for them to decide how to help them bond. MC recommends that Lucifer give his lepus a name and Lucifer decides to call it "Tony." Lucifer calls to his lepus using its new name and the lepus comes to sit by him, much to Lucifer's pleasure.

"It's an individual, not..."

Next, MC makes Lucifer take his lepus for a walk. Lucifer notices how happy Tony has become and decides that the walk has been long enough. However, Tony refuses to leave the park. Lucifer ends up continuing their walk and then MC can recommend that Lucifer give the lepus a toy or a treat. Once they arrive home, Lucifer notices how dirty Tony is and decides that it's bathtime. However, Tony does not stay still during his bath and Lucifer ends up covered in soap suds.

"I need a picture of this!"

Lucifer and MC bring the lepus back to Lucifer's room where it falls asleep on Lucifer's lap. If MC tells Lucifer they are jealous of Tony, Lucifer says that he can pamper them too if they ask, and so MC can ask for a kiss or ask Lucifer to stroke their hair. As Tony sleeps, Lucifer tells MC that they can now spend some alone time together. A few days later, Lucifer is practicing with Tony again. While Tony does now listen to Lucifer when he is told to use his lightning powers, he gets excited when praised and strikes all the trees in the yard instead of the target he's supposed to. Lucifer is happy with their progress but asks for MC's assistance again as there is still more to learn.

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