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A Steamy Stroll Devilgram.png
A Steamy Stroll
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 7
Card: A Steamy Stroll
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"A hotspring inn with..."

The demon brothers reminisce in a flashback scene that takes place in the Lantern Night inn. The hot springs at the inn are safe for humans, so MC is able to join the brothers. Beelzebub is excited about the food and MC can either also be excited about food or the hot springs. The brothers then decide to check out their room. Asmodeus brings up the fact that, if MC were to sleep in the middle, someone would get to sleep on either side of them. Beel says that he wants to be one of the brothers to do so. MC can either agree or be taken aback by it. Either way, Asmo argues that everyone wants to sleep beside MC. Lucifer responds that he has a room of his own and leaves. Meanwhile, Asmo and Satan decide to draw lots to decide who will sleep beside MC.

"Such powerful magic."

Belphegor got to sleep on MC's right, while Beelzebub got the left. Beel says that it worked out fine, to which MC can agree or say they're glad that Beel got to sleep next to them. Satan then remembers that the inn has hot springs for families, and everyone decides to go for a dip. Due to Lucifer's magic, everyone in the present is prevented from remembering each other in swimwear.

Beel asks MC what is wrong, because they are staring at him. MC can either get embarrassed and say that it's nothing, or admit that they were admiring his body, to Beel's embarrassment. Either way, they get into the water. Beel then asks MC to move away and MC can either apologize or decline. Nevertheless, MC still moves towards him, making Beel move away. They start chasing each other in the water, which Lucifer chastises them for.

"Satan knows well."

Back in the room, Beel starts drying Belphie's hair because he was too lazy to do it himself. MC can either tell them they're being cute, which embarrasses Belphie, or ask Beel to dry theirs next, to which he agrees. Beel asks MC to sit in front of him and tell him if the air is too hot. MC can either say that it's nice or say that he's good at it. After that, Mammon asks everyone if they want a post-bath free drink. Beel can't decide which one he should pick, to which MC can propose getting milk, something fizzy, or a fruit-flavored milk. Either way, he's happy with his choice and starts downing every drink in the fridge. Next, the brothers talk about different activities in the inn, and Beel asks MC if they want to slip out for a walk together.

"Looks like they're enjoy..."

On the walk, Beel says that he's glad they decided to wear yukatas as the look suits MC. He spots people selling hot spring eggs and buns and asks MC if they want to try one, and then later the two check out the footbaths.

After warming up, they decide to head back, but stop to admire the lanterns as they remind Beel of the summer festival. He then asks if any of their wishes came true. MC can either say they didn't, or cryptically say "I wonder..." If they say the wishes hadn't come true yet, Beel will passionately assure them that they will, to which MC can either hug or kiss him. Then he asks MC to go to open-air baths with him. If MC agrees, Beel replies they'll have to be careful for things not to "get too hot in there."

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