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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"That's quite scary, isn't it?"

In the twins' room, Beelzebub praises the movie Leviathan lent him that's based on a horror game. Belphegor fell asleep within the first ten minutes, so it's just the two of them. The movie ends and Beel is disappointed because he was excited to try the next bag of caramel popcorn. He wants to eat it while watching a movie, so Beel suggests they watch the sequel. But as soon as he turns the TV on, the lights go out.

"You're too oblivious..."

Beelzebub tries the lights, but they won't turn on. After going in the hallway, he concludes the whole house doesn't have power and it might be an issue with the circuit breaker. MC asks to go with him, and they head downstairs. Beel wonders where everyone else in the house is, when suddenly the portraits on the wall begin to rattle. Beel suggests it was just their imagination and offers to hold hands the rest of the way.

"I'll have to replace that mirror."

In the kitchen, Beelzebub can't get the circuit breaker to work and says it might have been tripped. They decide to tell Lucifer tomorrow and start heading back. A noise comes from the living room, and Beel thinks it might be one of his brothers. But when they check, nobody is there. Suddenly, MC stops in their tracks and feels someone watching them. Beel suggests it's just the living room mirror, but is surprised when his reflection smiles back at him ominously.

"It's that kind of problem, huh?"

Beelzebub decides it must have been his mind playing tricks on him since he just watched a horror movie. Suddenly his reflection begins to speak, saying he's the "other Beel" that lives in the mirror. The reflection begins to climb out, and says he's taking Beel and his "little lamb" back with him. Beelzebub runs away carrying MC in his arms, but they're stopped by the reflection in the main hall as it causes the stone statues to come to life and attack them. Then suddenly, everything goes black.

The two find themselves back in the twins' room. Beelzebub is confused about what happened, and tells the story to Belphegor. Belphie explains that there was never any power outage and the two must have shared a nightmare. Beel's stomach growls, and they decide to get some food, but not before warning MC not to look at any mirrors.

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